Sunday, July 30, 2006

Understand the Situation Before You React

My four year old Grandaughter Casey, had some company at her house this past weekend. Extra kids, (cousins and friends) were running and playing, and screaming and sometimes out of control.
Casey went into her normally untidy room and found a terrible mess. She looked at the floor, put her hands to the side of her face and yelled, "JESUS", with a gusto usually reserved for someone speaking from a pulpit. This brought her Mother running to the door with a vengeance. This was not going to be tolerated. Mom yelled, "Casey, what did you say?"
Casey bent down to retrieve her picture of Jesus that is normally on the wall. She said "Look!Jesus is on the floor, What's wrong Mom?"
A smile made it's way onto Mom's face. "Oh nothing sweety, I'll help you put the picture back on the wall."

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Kryptonite

I went with Marilyn tonight. She wanted to run into the city to get several things that you just can't get here in Tekamah. At least not unless you steal them from someone who did make the trip to Omaha.
I was okay until we had to go into a craft/hobby/material store. I walked in and knew at once it was happening. I don't know if it was the fall bouquets of fuzzy flowers, the material, paints, canvas, paint by number sets, the pillow form my wife bought, the ribbon, the glitter, unfinished cheap wood stuff, or whatever but the energy began to drain from my body at an alarming rate. I was near the back of the store when it hit me with full force. My mind raced, 'should I dial 911', no if I go down it'll take 6 E.M.T's and a block and tackle to get me out of there. I must run for it. I knew immediately that I needed to somehow summons the strength to get to the gigantic sporting goods store next door. If I could get a Titelist golf ball in my hand I knew that would protect me.
The women at the cash register seemed to know my dilemma and didn't give me a look. It was as though it happened every hour there. "Hey Alice, did you see the look on that guys face when he was making a run for it?" "Yeah, he vomited just outside the housekeeping."
Well I made it, I'm okay. The Nike drivers were on sale. I already had one but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Astute Observation!

I just got home from a Grandaughter's 2nd birthday party. Among other things, she was gifted a plastic wading pool. Her other Grandpa (it was at his acreage) got out the hose and put about 4 inches of water in it. The two year old promptly slipped out of her party dress, pulled her diapers off and and sat down in the pool. I came outside about 10 minutes later and stated the obvious, "She doesn't have any clothes on".
I sat down by my eldest son, the Birthday Girl's Dad, and he had this observation.
"Ya know Dad, it doesn't matter if you're 2 or 52, if it's your birthday and you end up in a swimming pool naked, you've had a good birthday."
Anyone want to argue with that?

Friday, July 21, 2006


I drove for Marilyn today because she had to go to a neighboring town and pick-up 13 dogs for grooming. It makes it much easier for her when I drive. It allows here to keep organized, in between the stops.
After one stop she got back into the van, grabbed a 'Wet One' and wiped her hand and said, "Stupid dog was so happy to see me, and then he pee's on me". She was disgusted.
Looking straight ahead, she then said to me, "when you start doing that, I'm having you put away."
I'm only 56 years old but I'm thinking this borders on verbal abuse of the elderly.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Effects of Stress While Trying to Reproduce!!

Several times a day, I slip off my old farmer shoes and slip into my black, knee high mud boots. They're the type firemen use with no shoes required. They are very comfortable. I then get on my old four wheeled ATV and usually head down this field road first. Here, it's about 6 A.M. and the heavy dew has wet things down pretty good. I'm on my to visit my irrigation wells and change the gates. Gates are the plastic and rubber mechanisms in the aluminum irrigation pipes. You can slide the gate open and water will come out. We are in trouble on the farms in this area. Tomorrow's high temp is to be 105 degrees with winds around 30 mph. That will be a very costly day for those of us with already stressed corn. Some of the corn is still in the pollination phase. Ideal for pollination is 92 degrees or less. The hot winds can dry the silks and cause one side of the ear to be barren.
Although barren is a good thing when you're 56 years of age... it's not good in the cornfield.
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Several Views From Our Porches!

This view is looking straight ahead out of our front door. That's where the sun comes up every morning. Or at least for the 56 years I've lived here it has. If that fails to happen one day, and it comes up out our backdoor, I will blog about it.
The picture makes it look like our yard is burning up. It is.
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This view is out our front door and looking to the right or southeast. Cornfield in the background. One of our berms and a nearly empty irrigation pipe trailer are in foreground.
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Out the front door and looking to the left or northeast. The 'last chance' for rain clouds are sliding east into Iowa. Iowa is just across the river from us. It's about three quarters of a mile away.
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The northwest view from the back porch. Cornfield in background, horse barns, my 'irrigationmobile', and one of our berms. (translated into pile-o-dirt for you farmers out there.
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The southwest view from our back porch. Corn field in the background.
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The new retaining wall and patio Marilyn and I built recently. It's just outside the back door and to the right.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Green Beans
The tomatoes are almost ready and I'm looking for a 'Smoked Bacon Bedding Plant'.
That's what we're eating from the garden. You?

Friday, July 07, 2006

The 4th of July Parade

"Daddy, why are those people throwing all of this candy at me?"
We had a lot of family come to our little town for Independence day. Here, Little Miss Independence is seeking some courage from Dad after having been frightened by one of the parade floats. 'Dad' is our oldest boy. Missy is one of our Grandaughters.
We hosted a surprise, family bridal shower for my youngest and his Bride to be. I'll post some pics of the day as time will allow.