Thursday, October 25, 2012

Progress Report

 Above is a picture of the challenge presented to the concrete workers while pouring Marilyn's new kennel. This shows electrical and water conduits as well as water drain conduits. Couple these with the four different slopes to drains on 2/3's of the building and there was no room for a cement truck. What to do???
 This is a  magic trick. They got a pipe from the sky to dribble concrete exactly where they needed it.
Well actually the magic pipe was attached to this truck. As each truck came down the lane to unload all they had to do was unload into the pump. It made for a quick pour.(compared to how long it would have taken without the pump) They did it in 3 different pours.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Footings For The New Kennel Are Being Prepared

The company doing the building were very pleased with the site prep we had done. The company who hauled in the clay and packed it did a great job as you can see by the condition of the trenches. They were clean and hard with not even close to a cave off.
This shows the 'lines' (orange string) they had installed for the plumbers and electricians to work from. When this photo was taken the footings were in and already set and the drains and water lines and electrical had been installed and ready for the cap to be poured. The pour will be difficult because of the drains in the garage, the hall ways and the slopes in the kennel area.

A Trip To The Garden For Marilyn

Pic was taken about a month ago. The Tomato crop was good but the size of the tomatoes was down because of the drought. Most of this picking was tennis ball size. The beans were mostly a bust. The sweet potato crop was really good. Too good. We have them in a pile on the basement floor. Here she picked one plant. It produced 11#'s worth.
She made a "pumkin" pie with some sweet potatoes a week ago. It was easily the best pie I've had. That from a man who doesn't care for pumkin pie all that much.