Saturday, September 21, 2013

Recording Re-Surfaced

My daughter Juli, who is organist at the First Lutheran Church in Blair and the Tekamah First Baptist Church in Tekamah, played this piece, Taccota and Fugue in D minor by J.S. Bach, for a spring recital while in college back in 1996 I believe. She was majoring in Organ Performance. She is pictured here with a niece.
It was originally recorded on a cassette tape and then digitized and tweaked by some friends at American Gramaphone.
Marilyn recorded this and I didn't attend as I was trying to catch up planting corn. It is likely one of the biggest mistakes of my life to not have witnessed this in person
Turn up your volume and especially the bass on your speakers, click on link and sit back and enjoy. They cut the applause short at the end but it went on for some time. The organ was in the balcony of a large cathederal and at the end of the recording, you can her professor encouraging her to take another bow.
The Hendrickson Opus 78 Organ Used In This Recording
St Joseph Cathedral, Sioux Falls, SD

Click this link:

Car Show

The largest carshow in the region was held last weekend in neighboring West Point, NE. They stop all entries at 750. The event draws an estimated 10,000 spectators each of the two days of the event. Our son Dan entered his 1968 Camaro Convertible he had restored. It is pictured below. This little gem will pin you in your seat when he releases all of the horses. It's as shiny underneath as it is on top. The mirrors lying on the ground displayed that for the crowd.

 He also entered his 1948 Indian Chief. He also restored this one. The pic below was taken at a rare moment. One when there wasn't a crowd gathered around it.

The picture below is of  Dan and his girls. His wife and 4 daughters. They are pictured in front of his enclosed aluminum trailer.
The tall trophy was a sponsors choice trophy for his Camaro. The other trophy was for 'Outstanding Motorcycle' at the show.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Grandma On Phone With Grandson At Bedtime...

visiting about going to school tomorrow:

Grandma: Cooper, are you in Pre-School now?
Cooper: (with a 'you should know better tone) No Grandma, I'm at home right now.