Thursday, October 23, 2008

Glub, Glub

We've had 2 and 34/100 inches of rain over the last few days. Before that we couldn't really get much corn picked because it was too wet. Now we have a lot water standing.
We are now in the dugout on an official 'rain-delay'. Which means I get to sit back and watch Nebraska play on tv this afternoon and also the series tonight. :) Life is good.
I was doing some reading on Plains Feeder where he quoted Orson Scott Card as having said...
~"If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherder every time, no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side."~
Thinking about the polls today and this quote really got me to laughing. It is certainly one of the most profound statements I've read in a long time.
My problem is both men running for President are carrying a slop bucket. I will admit that Obama has one in each hand with helpers following.
This morning, our phone rang at 6:30 am. It was our son Dan. We were watching the morning news on our big screen and his name and number appeared in big letters on our tv. He's an early riser but not on Saturdays. Knowing our lovely daughter in-law is about to give birth in 4 weeks and that she usually delivers 3 weeks early we both said "Baby!"
We didn't get to the phone in time, he only let it ring twice. Marilyn quickly called him back to find out that his oldest daughter had stepped on the phone and it redialed the last number from last night. He said "I knew what you were thinking and that you would call me back."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Could You Do Something For Me?

Although I really want you to come back and read my post below this one, I would like you to click here and read a post I put up on July 24th, 2005. It was about a 'Mary'.
In that post I lied a little in the interest of protecting her identity. Her real name is Marla and she has just begun blogging. She is very good at it and she only has a few posts up right now so rather than me telling you about what has happened in her life as of late, why not read the the July of 2005 post above, it gives you a good insight into the kind of person she is and then go over to see Marla. Start at the bottom with her first post read your way up.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ralph Came To Help With Harvest!

But it rained the whole time he was here. He is a good friend and I hope he wasn't disappointed that we couldn't run. Thanks Buddy! He said it was okay and that he wanted to get grounded again and sure enough Marilyn grounded both of us while he was here.
ALSO: we got a heavy frost last night. We needed that to finish killing the corn stalks that just wouldn't give up the ghost. It will help with the dry down of the corn.
At a party Saturday night, I talked to a friend who had hosted a 'frog leg' party. He got some of the frogs on our place. I had turned down his invitation to his party. I kind of told a little fib. I told him eating frog legs always makes me jumpy.
Anyhow, I had asked about exactly how he hunted for them. He then went off into this true story from about a month ago. He and a friend had pulled into a vacant lot directly across the road from Summit Lake. It's west of Tekamah. They were drinking beer and putting on their equipment consisting of hip waders and miners lights. One of our Sheriff deputies drove up and said, "Hey, what are you guys doing?" The reply was "We're finishing our beers since we can't take them across the road onto state property and we're putting on our equipment to go frog hunting."
The very serious Deputy then asked, "Do you guys really thing it's a good idea to drink beer and then walk into a lake and go frog hunting?"
My friend leaned on the police car and said, "Officer, do you really think we'd be going frog hunting if we hadn't been drinking?"
The officer drove away. There are some patterns of thought that can't be argued with.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The 2008 Soybean Harvest...

for this farm is now history. I had a meeting late this afternoon and so two of my brothers finished it up in my absence. The results for the entire harvest haven't been tabulated yet but the words 'pretty darned average yields' will doubtless be used somewhere in the final description.
I talked with Ralph a bit ago. We began talking politics as we are want to do on occasion and I told him I thought that this election was like trying to decide which you would rather have. Your stomach pumped or an enema. He replied, "That's right Cliff, either way we get hosed and it's going to end up hurting a lot."
Our country needed a President who could grade in the 95 to 100 percentile in leadership and we will end up with a 30 to 40 percenter either way. Hurry up 2012!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's Early Sunday Morning...

We're in the middle of soybean harvest but we'll take the time to go to church and then travel to Lincoln for Hudson's first ever Birthday Party. He plans to make this an annual event.
Being so short on time I decided to put up two posts at once. One big one and one small one.
Here they are: UPDATE: The host family in Lincoln had the flu and so Hudson isn't one year old, yet. I sent Marilyn to represent me at church and we continued harvest. We have rain on the way so we are under the gun a bit. We are down to 80 acres of beans left to harvest. There isn't any hurry I guess because the corn isn't dry enough to harvest.