Friday, July 27, 2012

Green Snap

UPDATE TO THE STORY BELOW: My Brother Ed is a spray pilot and took the above photo from his Ag-Cat turbine. That's our house in the background. Some backwaters of the Missouri River to the rear. If you enlarge the photo you can see some of the sand deposits left by the river from last years flood. The light colored area is where the green snap occurred.
Just when you think there can't be anything worse than watching your crops do a slow simmer into oblivion in 100 degree plus weather... a rogue wind storm causes this. The problems here are many. These corn plants did have close to fully developed  ears that would have matured and produced a crop. A short crop because of the drought, but at least a crop. It's unlikely we'll be able to get this through a combine so we'll have a volunteer corn problem next year in the soybeans that will be planted here.
Green snap (corn snapping off near the ground) can be found mostly in corn that has reached it's maximum height and is a result of thunderstorms. This affects only about 15 acres of my crop but I've seen entire hillsides leveled by this type of down burst in other areas.
Our local area has a lot of green snap but it's all across the Missouri River from me, and on east, where they received some good rains. I got the wind but not much of the rain.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Barbeque Grills...

are in the sun on the west side of the house. It's 100 degrees. I'm going to throw a couple of burgers on the grill, go inside and wait to check them in about 20 minutes. If by chance they're not done, I'm going to light the grill.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We Need Rain!

And also cooler temps. This is gettng extreme.
It's so dry here that we in the Baptist church have begun using just a wet washcloth for Baptisms.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Just Wondering

I received this pic in a text today. I lent my pontoon to my sons in Lincoln. The two men here are our sons. The 3 boys belong to my youngest in the yellow shirt. His wife is beside him on the couch.
All of the girls (4) belong to the picture taker and his wife is on the right.
I'm just wondering, it looks like fun and you're only looking at about half of the boat. I must have missed the call. Did any of you get a call??

Sunday, July 01, 2012


We had been hauling irrigation pipe. My crew consisted of 2 big strong lads. One 13 and one 14 years of age.
These two are very talkative fellows and can find stuff to talk about even when there is nothing to talk about.
I was standing in the kitchen while they sat in our dinette taking a break. When I finally tuned in I heard my grandson say "You know the Lucky Charms cereal?" His buddy affirms, "uh-huh."
He continued, "Well you know how they have those marshmallows and that other stuff like Cheerios?"
His buddy replied in a very soft voice, "Yeah, they need to get rid of that other stuff."
Marketing analysts in the making I'd say.