Friday, December 21, 2007

December 11th Email From Ralph

Ralph and Cliff Drinking Iced Tea at his daughters wedding. We thought the outcome would be more predictable that way. Neither one of us wanted to be the most memorable thing that happened that day.
The following is an email I got from Ralph. No changes have been made to it. This is pure Ralph. They say if you can remain calm while those around you are laughing, it means they are probably laughing at you. Also, I think you'll see why I always check my filters for letters from Ralph.

Dec 11, 2007
Today the weather was pretty bad, snowed all day, gray, overcast, and cold. I had to attend a meeting and because of icy roads walked in a little late. No one said anything about that. Finally, one young lady asked, "Ralph, you really hate winter don't you?"
I replied, "The only reason I hate winter is I have to wear a stocking cap to keep my ears warm and that stocking cap makes it almost impossible to keep my hair styled."
Even after the laughter died down it took another ten minutes to get back to the task at hand. People would start talking, look at me, and burst out laughing . . .again. I guess I am the only one with stocking cap problems.


Rachel said...

LOL Now I know what Ralph needs for Christmas; another stocking cap!!

I'm glad you all drank ice tea at Tiff's wedding! Wise choice!

Peter said...

Hey Cliff, nice stretching job on that small photo, only problem is it goes back to reality when enbiggened.

nora leona said...

Drinking iced tea avoids the paranoid hangover issue.

I guess the stocking cap squishes the curls from his perm.

Cheyenne said...

...and that's why we love him so much.

Jim said...

Nice, Cliff. Guess you don't wear a stocking cap as it sure would mess your hair up too.
I liked your snow pictures, I hear it snows every Saturday. Radar shows ice coming tomorrow instead.

Ralph said...

I did have a good laugh at the wedding when you walked in with a jug of ice tea and I had jar of instant tea. Great minds and all that.
The picture proves that both of us clean up real nice. No sense going to all that trouble if your hair (all three of them) is unkept.
Good post - even though I wrote most of it.

EV said...

LOL, again, you crack me up! :)

Jamie Dawn said...

THAT Ralph is a funny one, ain't he??!!

Nice photo.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this wonderful happy photo of you two from such a special day!
(I do recall several hair style posts on Ralph's blog, one even with curlers, I think, for Ralph??? That would require quite a special stocking!)

Ralph, if you see this, I will visit soon, but Gem is knocking (down my door)'s our anniversary soon. bye blogging world and HapPy new Yr!

warmly *gel*