Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tunnel Vision

By the time the morning of the test arrived, I was all pooped out. They used what most people call 'twilight sleep' on me. It's sort of hard to remember what went on after they inserted the needle in my arm. I might not have had full control of everything while I was out, and I sure could have been a little foggy, but I think I remember the Doctor reporting to me afterwards "I found three plops." I then looked at the floor around the table and didn't see anything down there so I assume they cleaned them up while I was sleeping. For some reason he wants to do this again in three years. They really have it in for old people who don't control themselves. I'm not looking forward to the rest home.


Miki said...

Hey Cliff, that is good that they want to do it again in three years, right? I am glad that the test is now BEHIND you and I can make fun! I hope that the three PLOPS were not too messy!

Rachel said...

It'll be three times as much fun in 3 years!! Three polyps (my husband calls them pallets, but I guess plops will work too!), isn't bad as long as they were okay. I'm supposed to have one of those fun things this summer. NOT looking forward to it. But I do not want the GoQuickly stuff that you had! ICK!

I'm not looking forward to the rest home either. I doubt we'll get much "rest."

Raggedy said...

lmao at plops! Hahahahaha!
I am glad the test went well.
I have to go back in 2 years.
I hope that by then they will find an alternative to the GoQuickly..
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Cliff said...

Actually Raggedy I guess they have several alternatives. I took the gallon jug treatment. The half gallon and a few pills is mostly what they do and I heard the other day of someone drinking 2 shot glasses of some really nasty tasting stuff followed by pills and LOTS of water. Actually the procedure was without anything disagreeable. They told me to rollover on my side. They adjusted my covers and pillow, asked if I was comfortable, I said yes and the next thing I know the Dr is standing in front of me telling me that he had found 3 polyps. There was nothing objectionable about the whole thing. The only thing I hated was drinking that crap.

Ralph said...

Knowing what you did and have been through and then seeing in the previous comment, a comment from you I might add, "drinking that crap". Well. . . I guess it made laugh

Jim said...

Well, Cliff, with that monitor for you and all, I hope you stayed awake and watched the whole thing!

Glad there weren't more troubles than those ploops. You should have taken a better ennema, maybe.

1 plus twins said...

oh cliff they don't only do that to older people. i had my first one when i was 19!! that right first one. i have had way too many to count. and it done (the prep) many many diff. ways. the prep is the worst part cuz for me the twilight sleep puts me out totally and thank god cuz where they stick that scope is an "exit only"!! lol glad your ok

EV said...


Unknown said...

There are plenty of plops at the rest home; you'll fit right in.

Lee said...

I'm not even going to ask!

Glad all is okay, Cliff...I'm going to throw myself into the fish pond as depicted in my blog...good fodder for the fish! ;)

Paul Nichols said...

You're lucky. They let you have a nap. I was awake the whole time. (Yeah, a whole 10 minutes.) Not only that, but the color on the monitor didn't work...and they sent me a bill, too!

Cliff said...

Paul, one of my brothers had it done without anesthesia and passed out from the pain. I guess you know the first question out of my mouth when talking to my Dr about this.

eyes_only4him said...

boy three plops...thought u said u was cleaned out!!


I am so funny..

ok, I know I am not, so I will leave now.

Dan said...

What a crappy thing to blog about.