Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Muddy Mo

I'm sorry to say I haven't posted anything as of late,  but I've been a bit busy. Most of you know we live on the banks of the Missouri River and it is an ugly river at this point in time.  It is flooding and many folks are affected all the way from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico after it joins the Mississippi River by St Louis. We are fortunate and reports are that it's supposed to not quite reach our house.  It is however dealing us fits with the loss of crop land.  Below is  a pic taken a few weeks ago when the river was about to begin it's big surge that is to last most of the summer. The second photo is of the same field taken yesterday.  This is about 320 acres under water. The last pic is of another 140 that will be under water by tomorrow night. Here the water is beginning to back in on it.  We have another 80 that is under and another 80 that is scheduled to succumb.
The bright side is I've always secretly wanted to live in a house by a stream but just not in a stream. I'm looking forward to being able to say, "Marilyn, I'll be on the porch fishing if you need me."
Also I've never had time to play golf in the fall because  harvest concerns have kept me busy before.
As a precaution I've purchased a 53 foot dry van trailer and parked it behind the house. Yesterday, with the help of family, we pretty well emptied the basement in preparation for high water. Now if we need to scatter quickly, we'll simply need to get a lot of help, fill the trailer with our top two floors and head for higher ground which for us will be about any direction.