Monday, September 28, 2009

What About Ralph

Most of you know Ralph of Homespun Headlines fame. He's a good friend of mine. Our wives think we have nothing in common but they don't need to know everything. I talk to Ralph on a regular basis. That means 4 or 5 times one week but maybe once in the 2 weeks after that. We usually pick up right where we left off. Ralph isn't afraid to give is word on something and when he does he keeps it. That's what this post is about.
This is Char getting ready to 'net' Ralph who appears to be bringing in the big one. They're standing in the front of our boat. The picture was taken 9 days ago.
Here is Ralph making breakfast in the cabin we rented for the weekend.
Here is our traditional goodbye picture we always take one. We always stand in this order. I'm on the Right, Marilyn is in white and the other two are Ralph and Char.
I bring all of this up because they had to drive about 6 hours to get to this spot which is about half way between our homes. He took Char home Sunday nite the 20th. Then on Wednesday the 23rd, he drove the ten hours back across Nebraska to see our new Grandson in a Lincoln, NE hospital. All by himself. BECAUSE? Well, because he promised Tom and his wife several months back, that if you have that baby on my birthday, Sept 22nd, I'll drive out to see him in the hospital. They did and he did. When told to stay home and that it was too far to drive, he simply replied, "I gave my word."
The Campbells and Morrows both have grown and married children and what is kind of different here is that we parents are also good friends with each others children.
I guess Ralph and I are both pretty fortunate and we know it. That's what we have in common.
One last thing, it seems that this summer has been so busy with weddings, reunions, fishing, bithday parties and etc, that everytime we say goodbye to the Campbells, it's followed by "See you in two weeks." That's not always been the case this summer but close.
See you Thursday Campbells.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a Boy!

We snapped this picture of son Tom and his family on Sunday afternoon. We were on our way home from the lake and had stopped to see their recently completed kitchen project. Hudson was all smiles and Steph was, well, still pregnant.

This is the same group two days later, yesterday the 22nd. The only difference is Hudson has a new baby brother. This was his first meeting with his little brother and he didn't offer to knock him down or take a toy back or any of that stuff that will be reserved for later. These are two loving, firm, but patient parents and two very lucky children.

This is one of the four lucky grandparents holding an as yet to be named boy. I am expecting a call about the name very soon. You can suggest a name but I can tell you that Cliff and even Ralph have been suggested and rejected. This in view of the fact that yesterday was also Ralph's birthday makes it even more... well, probably not surprising.
I don't know how long it will take for that smile to disappear from Grandma Marilyn's face but when it does, it will return everytime she picks up a grandchild.
Cooper Leo
8# 9 OZ-
20.5" Tall

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Last of the Wedding

Let me explain something for those who asked. The reason the Campbells and the Morrow's know each other is that my bride Marilyn (L) and Char (Mrs Ralph) have known each other most of their lives. You know, same neighborhood and schools and such. I think the fact that Ralph and I both have an attraction to good looking women is why we're all friends. By him self, Ralph, like me, is nothing to write home about.
Ralph toasting his Son and new DIL Desiree and family. It was delivered with the eloquence we've come to expect from this man.

His new Grandaughter also thought it was touching...OR...she didn't much like it judging by her tears. It was the former btw. She is a lovely, mature young lady.

Me and my buddy Ralph. An umpire's uniform made me feel under dressed. However if anyone had mentioned it I would have ejected them from the party.

The cutting of the wedding cake by the Mr and Mrs Campbell.
This whole thing, the wedding, the reception, were all fun. I don't care who you are.