Wednesday, July 07, 2004


The stumps are gone. Family members will know what that means. The ten large cottonwoods in front of the house had to be removed and I was determined not to spend the money required to grind something away that was going to rot anyway. But I couldn't take it anymore.
Living on a farm has it's advantages. We got the job done cheaper because the man didn't have to haul anything away. We used the loader and now have a pile of mulch, big enough to fill one side of a two car garage.
Also, life on the farm is predictable, I have averaged out the aforementioned 41's at the golf course.


Anonymous said...

Plant a Tree

Cliff - are you interested in planting new ones? It would give us something to do (besides eat) while we're around in August. I'll spring for one to represent our "branch" of the Morrow tree. Marty

Anonymous said...

I like to help in the planting of trees for branch's of the family tree. Cliff you are doing great these are so funny it brings back memories of the family gatherings at the Loerch house in Fremont.

P.S. about golfing I don't have the patience to hit a little ball with a big club around a big field into a bunch of little holes so don't feel so bad about your score because I probably would do alot worse.

Anonymous said...

Hey diddle diddle
My uncle makes me giggle
To think of him blogging
While his truck is defogging 4:30 in the morning!

Fondly, KG (your hotlanta niece)