Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Let's Party!

I laugh many times during the day. Many of those are when I am by myself. I will see something in nature or in human nature, that is perhaps ironic, and laugh. It's the way I'm built.
About a month ago, early on a Saturday morning, I was idling to the field on my tractor, and the national news came on at the top of the hour and I heard something that made me burst into laughter. It was Primary election day in New Orleans, and Ray Nagin was a candidate. He had arranged to have thousands of voters BUSED into the city to vote. (apparently his buses weren't floating anymore) There were 44 candidates. I burst out laughing.
The irony for me was: 1. He was going to be embarrassed coming in 45th out of 44 candidates. 2. He had finally figured out how to get buses moving when he really needed to. 3. It was good to see him implement a plan. Something he couldn't do for the three days prior to hurricane Katrina.
The next day I really burst out laughing. He was one of the winners.
Last Sunday, they elected him Mayor again. That's not funny.
Apparently, these are truly native people. The same mentality that put New Orleans where it is, below sea-level, in hurricane country....has elected Ray Nagin mayor again.
The only difference between all of the storms that hit Texas and Florida and the one in New Orleans, is not FEMA, it is local preparedness. New Orleans had none.
A WARNING AND PREDICTION: A bad hurricane will hit New Orleans again. They will sit and wait, for 'the man' to come get them out of trouble. If you live there, get out NOW.
During the last, abbreviated Mardi Gras, a tv film crew caught a tee shirt worn by a young man. The shirt was imprinted with this, "Let's Drink Until Ray Nagin Makes Sense." Now that would be some party.


Rachel said...

I saw something about him winning and thought how strange it was too.

Fool them once shame on him, fool them twice shame on them. Live and learn. Looks like some of them didn't learn much from that awful ordeal.

I'm glad you find things to chuckle about like that while you are busy working!

Jamie Dawn said...

I wasn't surprised that he was re-elected.
Our society permeates with the "blame others" attitude. When Ray Nagin speaks, I never feel respect for him or get a sense of confidence in him.
He is a whiner.
If he had taken personal responsibility for his unpreparedness and lack of action, fallen on his sword, and pledged to do better, I would have had some respect for him.
I agree with you about other hurricanes in other states. Florida has been hit hard several times in recent years, and there was a huge difference when it came to the local first responders and their preparedness.
Personal responsiblity is a dirty word in our society today.
Keep chuckling throughout the day! It's a good thing.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

^5!!! You da man, that was super, Cliff. I did a post addressing this issue at the time. Texas has paid dearly to extending a helping hand, too. Crime rates are way up in cities like Houston. Mommy, daddy and the "government" cannot fix everything. Weather related disasters are forecasted to escalate over the next 30 years or more. Personal accountability - what a concept! And I agree, you do reach a point that you just laughs out loud .... dumb and dumber. You couldn't make this stuff up. Good post. Now, let head for that party ....

Jerry said...

I lived in D.C. when Marion Barry got sent to prison and then got re-elected mayor! So nothing surprises me anymore.

I'm almost glad that Nagin did get re-elected. Now he'll have to deal with his own mess instead of leaving it for somebody new. Now what's your plan, Ray?

Some times you gotta laugh to keep from crying, eh Cliff?

Jim said...
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Jim said...

I have to be nice here. Thanks Cliff, for a nice write-up on the mayor situation.

Our paper said it was a coalition of disgruntled conservative Republicans--opponent was a Republican--and encouraged Democrats that gave Nagin his win.

Nancy Weiner (sp?) on ABC Good Morning America this morning said there are some very "noble second place finishers."

She was talking about American Idol--I don't follow that--losers. I think the Dixie Chicks and Al Gore followed in her conversation, I don't remember if the runoff election was mentioned.

We had similar evacuation problems here in Houston. It turned out evacuation wasn't necessary but about a dozen or more died trying.

Mayors don't have much control, governors and even FEMA were out of it, watching and getting on TV. Their thoughts seemed to be to see what they might do afterwards which turned out to be not much.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so very true cliff..i could not belive it myself..

my dad was the mayor of our town for years..he never had to bus people in to vote:)

1 plus twins said...

i can't figure that one out either. why the hell would they re elect him!!!

TamWill said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly! I can't even watch the TV when Nagin is on...he gets on my nerves.