Friday, June 20, 2008

A Change In My Thinking

For years now I've thought that our self imposed ban on doing anything that makes sense concerning the production of energy by the U.S. was moronic. It's been like having a 50 point lead in the first quarter and our coach benching our varsity players because by golly it's just not fair. Now the other team is 100 points ahead of us and we still won't put the first team back in. As a matter of fact if we can find some small eight graders we're going to put them in the game. That will show the other side.
But now I understand why we won't do anything. I now too believe that we should let it all slide and hope someone will take care of us. I'm not sure which country will end up flying their flag over us but at least maybe they'll give us some cheaper fuel or 'black cats and roman candles' or maybe lots of 'sand flies.'
Personally I'm pulling for Australia because I've never seen a wombat and those people seem so darned friendly.
The other good news is that with this new way of thinking, I've decided to cancel all of my life insurance policies because you know what?...paying for life insurance will do nothing to help my situation right now.
Also, I've had some logs float in on a low land corn field. The water killed the corn and left a lot of trash. A few years back I would have waited for the field to dry and then taken my tractor and loader down and piled and burned the logs and trash and replant the corn. But now that I've been set free from having to plan for the future I'm simply waiting on FEMA to send someone to do it for me.
Not having to plan for the future or worry about where the next meal comes from is so refreshing.
And just so you know. If we lose this game it will still be the fault of those big guys we benched half way through the first quarter.
Could someone get me some Iced Tea? Soon?


bobbie said...

Sounds like Lady Luck has spit in your eye, Cliff. Thank God for your sense of humor, even if it has a bitter twist today. Hang in there, guy. We're all pulling for you.

Dan said...

I'm picking up your sarcasm.

Cliff said...

Dan, ya think?

Shannon said...

I'm right there with you Cliff. How about the "not signing the farm bill" situation. People think food is expensive now? Wait until it ALL comes from overseas.
Hey... make that two iced teas.... with lemon!

Gette said...

I can get you a trailer quicker than FEMA.

Sekhar said...

Just tumbled upon your blog. And must say I loved reading your blog so much. Keep it up :)

Rhodent said...

I'll take mine with lemon. Let the guy know that brings you yours, okay?

Rachel said...

Waiting on FEMA huh? Don't hold your breath! I'd hope for Australia too.

I'll have sweet tea. No lemon. Please.

Lucy Stern said...

Cliff, (Slapping face from side to side) "Wake up, you are having a bad dream". Yes, I know just how you feel, but I can't just sit around and wait for the Government to do anything for me. My grandpa would say, "Pull up your boot straps, and get going." So sorry that your corn field got flooded...At least you still have your house.....

I know that you were being sarcastic, but hang in there!!!!

Jerry said...

Can't FEMA bring us some tea?

Lipton, please. Two Sweet&Lows. Stirred, not shaken.

Jamie Dawn said...

Don't get me started!!!!!
I've been ranting and raving around the house talking to the kids about the difference between the response to the floods in New Orleans and the midwest flooding.
The contrast in local responsibility is GLARING!!!!
People were evacuated.
There's no shooting at the police, and I've not heard of rampant crime going on.
I do not see reporters on TV whining and moaning about how slow the federal gov't is to bring help.
Why? Because people took action and helped themselves and their communities!!!!
I applaud the mayors and governors of these states who did their jobs!!!
As far as the use of common sense when it comes to providing our own energy here in the USA....
Well, we'd have to have Congress people with functioning brains to have common sense in government. We can't drill or build refineries or build nuclear plants or do anything that makes sense because we've been hogtied by wacky people who if they could would monitor the number of farts each person emits and fine those who went over their allotted quota.
THEN, those same wackos whine like stuck hogs because we are not energy independent.
John McCain is inching his way towards sanity in this area, but not fast enough for me. He's been drinking the manmade global warming koolaid.
Obama, on the other hand, is leaning heavily towards the wacko dept and he bathes in the koolaid.
What a world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That rant felt good.
Pass the iced tea, please.
I'm parched.

Cliff said...

Marilyn said: JD, I can't wait to meet you.
Cliff said: JD, I think I love you is my first thought after reading this rant and then my second thought is that you've scared the peewiddlin out of me.
Do you really think they'll start keeping track of our personal emissions? I may need to go into the witness protection program.

Jim said...

Hey Cliff, I agree with you a 100 minus percent!

Have you checked corn price today? I hear it is headed to over $10.00 a gallon, sorry, a bushel. That was a Freudian slip because it all really is about oil. If you don't feed cattle and just sell corn you will soon be a millionaire again.

Oh yes, we know a young lady whose first job out of college was with FEMA. She was so discouraged she quit before working six months.

Ralph said...

I thought blog church was over for awhile. Evidently not. You go girl! Right on!

Sue said...

FEMA didn't vaccuum the water out of the water out of my basement and I had to haul all the wet carpet up the stairs.
I think I'll have a rum and coke.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Say, did you see they are now calling for the CEOs of the fossil fuel companies to be tried for "Crimes Against Humanity"? *sigh*

How's that for convoluted logic.

Peter said...

Sorry to read about your flooded corn patch Cliff, from here in dry old SA that seems really ironic.
Today Wed June 25 is my day of departure from SA and once again ironically Vicki doesn't get her next Doctors report until Fri 27, but we are quietly confident that it will be a good one so I'm booked to go see if I still have a house in Queensland.
Now that's enough of the pre-amble we in Australia would just love to help you out of your many faceted problems but what with the wombat round-up and iced tea production line that we have going at present I'm sorry to say we just can't fit in making you the 9th State/territory of the Nation at present your request however has been duly noted and should our situation become more fluid consideration will be given to compliance with your request.
(I am also giving serious thought to entering that into the world record "run on sentence" competition)
Sincere best wishes to "Blogstock" and all who sail on her, will wait with baited breath to read the reports of her success, a list of all bloggers who attend and an agreed date for a report on all their blogs is anticitated.
In case the anticipated flag raising over your soil should occur I leave it to your tender care to recite "The Man From Snowy River" during the festivities and give due thought to learning "Waltzing Matilda" to use as your new National Anthem.

Elvis Dingeldein said...

Jamie Dawn - I think it's enormously unfair to compare the unspeakable disaster that was Hurricane Katrina and its effects in New Orleans to the recent -- and disastrous -- flooding in the Midwest. Yes, there is and always will be a stark contrast between Midwestern community organization and the fractured self-assistance of a sprawling urban community, that much should be obvious to any casual bystander. But consider the toll of Katrina, and what these numbers really meant to the people of New Orleans and the surrounding Gulf Coast communities:

Katrina killed 1,600 people. While undetermined, exactly, the recent flooding in the Midwest has killed less than two dozen. Not to diminish that number in any way, but that's 1.5% of the human toll of Katrina.

Katrina permanently displaced ONE MILLION people. The flooding in the Midwest forced 35-40,000 evacuations, or less than 5% of Katrina's displacement. The vast majority of Katrina's refugees never returned.

Katrina caused upwards of $25.3 billion in damages. I haven't seen a complete tally of all damages, but Iowa lost $2 billion in ag production alone. Where the Midwest floods did their damage in sprawling agricultural landscapes and among homogeneous communities, Katrina was focused on densely populated and wildly diverse urban areas with little hope for a single unifying recovery organization.

Katrina forced so many metro professionals from their homes and jobs that two years later the New Orleans area was still running at only 66% of its original hospital capacity and with only 83 of an original 276 public schools fully operational. This DESPITE the fact that the metro area's unemployment rate DROPPED post-Katrina, meaning those people that weren't physically displaced had returned to work or found reconstruction jobs.

I'm an East Coaster recently transplanted to the wilds of a country life in a rural Midwest I have not yet begun to understand, politically. I don't understand how such deep compassion, religious charity and sense of community translates to the I Got Mine, You Go Get Yours conservative value system; I can't figure out how an immoral war that will cost our children and grand-children trillions is acceptable but universal health care and social programs to aid the less fortunate are not. I'm a husband, a father, I provide for my family and I'm a deep-Blue FDR/LBJ Liberal; I know my history and I know my politics, and I just don't understand why so many in the Midwest vote against their financial interests to support a deeply corrupt and cynical Republican party. But I'm learning.

And just to agree with you on something, “No, NOTHING tops Seinfeld. Best show ever.”

Mr. Morrow : Great blog, I'll return often. Keep up the good work, sir. You and I may have nothing in common but our love for our wives and daughters, but nothing's better than a frank and earnest discussion among adults about the things that affect their lives. I'm pleased to have found your blog, and sorry to have missed Blogstock.

ptg said...

I'm on my way with that iced tea, Cliff. You just need to fill out these forms...