Monday, September 28, 2009

What About Ralph

Most of you know Ralph of Homespun Headlines fame. He's a good friend of mine. Our wives think we have nothing in common but they don't need to know everything. I talk to Ralph on a regular basis. That means 4 or 5 times one week but maybe once in the 2 weeks after that. We usually pick up right where we left off. Ralph isn't afraid to give is word on something and when he does he keeps it. That's what this post is about.
This is Char getting ready to 'net' Ralph who appears to be bringing in the big one. They're standing in the front of our boat. The picture was taken 9 days ago.
Here is Ralph making breakfast in the cabin we rented for the weekend.
Here is our traditional goodbye picture we always take one. We always stand in this order. I'm on the Right, Marilyn is in white and the other two are Ralph and Char.
I bring all of this up because they had to drive about 6 hours to get to this spot which is about half way between our homes. He took Char home Sunday nite the 20th. Then on Wednesday the 23rd, he drove the ten hours back across Nebraska to see our new Grandson in a Lincoln, NE hospital. All by himself. BECAUSE? Well, because he promised Tom and his wife several months back, that if you have that baby on my birthday, Sept 22nd, I'll drive out to see him in the hospital. They did and he did. When told to stay home and that it was too far to drive, he simply replied, "I gave my word."
The Campbells and Morrows both have grown and married children and what is kind of different here is that we parents are also good friends with each others children.
I guess Ralph and I are both pretty fortunate and we know it. That's what we have in common.
One last thing, it seems that this summer has been so busy with weddings, reunions, fishing, bithday parties and etc, that everytime we say goodbye to the Campbells, it's followed by "See you in two weeks." That's not always been the case this summer but close.
See you Thursday Campbells.


Rachel said...

Cooper Leo was born on Ralph's birthday!! Hoorah! I'm glad Ralph is a man of his word, but then I knew that!

I enjoyed this post Cliff. It's awesome that you 4 are such great friends!

Peter said...

You all have something to treasure in that friendship Cliff... but then you knew that didn't you.

EV said...

An uncommon tale; what a blessing you share!

Marc said...

Hey, Good to hear from you. So what's going on there? We finally got rain. Most of my trees will live now. That was in doubt last month. We were under a burn ban for several months.

The trees and frogs are happy now. We got more rain today, and will get more tonight, God willing.

Interesting, One rancher near us has several head or what we call "Oreo Cows" they are dark brown or black, front and aft, and have a white mid section just like an Oreo Cookie. They got rained on so hard that they really stand out because they were so dirty before. They are a Dutch breed I think. Looked them up a while back, but slept since then.

Jim said...

Congratulations Cliff! Congratulations Marylin! Congratulations Tom and Steph!
Wecome to Cooper Leo!
Happy Birthday to Ralph!
Congratulations to Ralph and Char!

Who did I miss? This was a happy several days in all of your lives! I am glad for everyone.

I don't even have a (not)clever remark. This is good news!

On Mom and Dad's farm, we couldn't see or hardly ever hear things on the road. It was set back and was in all those trees and old buildngs.
Things have changed now, the trees are down and most of the buildings are dozed into a different pile.
Next time you go through the hills take a swing by there.
It is rather sad. Lois and I were born out there and it isn't there anymore. We can't go back to Bountiful.

Ralph said...

Thanks for the kind words but you have done the same for us. The statement, "I guess Ralph and I are both pretty fortunate and we know it" is so true. Good friends, good relationships with each others kids, and a lot of good times. Yep, fortunate is the word.

Shannon said...

Great shots Cliff. Is it not harvest season there yet? I rarely see the hubs, unless I am working for him, these days, lol.

Jamie Dawn said...

Sept. 22 is also my dad's b-day. GREAT day Hudson's baby brother to be born!
You've been blessed with a great friend in Ralph, and he is blessed to have you for a friend. It works out well that your wives like each other so much too.

Friends and family... there's nothing better in this life.

nora said...

Thanks for the snapshot in to your friendship. I love how you can just pick up where you left off!

possum said...

The greatest treasure - a TRUE friend. Very rare. Good for you all.

Paul Nichols said...

I don't know Ralph as well as you do, but I do know that all you've said about him is true. I consider him a personal friend even though we've never met--yet.

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ You know that Ralph looks pretty good w/ that spatula in his hand. And... those eggs look like you must have some chickens on the farm, but I sure don't remember seeing them. Looks like another fun time w/ the Campbell's & the Morrow's! ~ jb///

gel said...

HI Cliffers,
The photo says it all but then you manage to say it even better in your post. So glad you found my new digs. This is a terrific tribute to your friendship: all 4 of you. I have always been warmed by the family you guys have become to each other.
(I reply to comments now so you can read what was up with my blog in the comment thread, plus I put up a new post! I am on a roll to get back to posting regularly.(