Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Doing Their Homework

Like the Federal Government, the people of California have been scoffing for years at those who have said you need to be careful not to spend more than you can pay for.
It would seem the grim reaper is honing his cutting edge with the State of California in his sights. I hope the citizens of the state take a look at their local governments and schools as well as the state house, decide who has been in charge while this wild spending spree took place, and then vote the bums out.
The same will apply for the rest of America in November. Paying everything, for everyone, is a cute way to get votes but the day of reckoning always comes. It can't be avoided.
I would reject any attempt of the feds helping the states out.  They are facing the same problem of wild spending by an out of control regime, with no one to hold them accountable.
I think having a space for a garden and enough room to raise a couple of hogs will eventually pay off for those who do.


Ralph said...

Agree. Have the space for the garden, How much room do I need for the hogs? Assuming I can find some that are not at the trough in DC.

Granny Annie said...

Amen friend Cliff!

EV said...

Are you serious???????

1)Unsustainable debt requiring dramatic, immediate action. 1a) Business vilified and hobbled. 1b) Unemployment rising. 2) A large portion of the population which believes. "You work and I will enjoy the fruits of your labor- I am entitled." 3)Well funded/organized International Terrorists dedicated to the death of you and yours. BTW, our tenderhearted policies pander to their cause. 4)The US intelligence community demonized/ hobbled. 5) Extremely violent domestic gangs which are growing exponentially - also well organized and funded. 6) Deep Military and Law Enforcement budgetary cuts. 7) The words "Islamic" and "Jihad" have been ordered struck from US Security Policy. 8) And a new Arms Agreement which one expert has assessed as tantamount to unilateral disarmament. 9) Oh, and there is NO ROOM at the table for God.

Remember what New Orleans looked like? That's nothing.

Set a BIG table. Some folks maybe helping themselves to the fruits of your little house on the prairie. And they have some advice for you - "You're not hungry."

Naw - couldn't happen ....

As for me, I'll continue to fight these battles on my knees - my best defensive position.

Marc said...

I start on my knees. Then I lock and load. No one comes to dinner here uninvited.

I read an article about a county in Ohio, IIRC, where the Sheriff's dept had to cut his force from around 150 to 49. They run only 1 cruiser for covering 720 Sq Miles now! The jails are under staffed and they have 700 people on a waiting list to do jail time. No kidding.

Residents were advised by the local judge to arm themselves and to look after each other. That is where this is heading...quickly.

We live pretty much out of sight in our jungle, so now I have my 12 GA Riot gun by the front door. People we know always call before they visit. Even the UPS Guy Honks coming around the driveway. He has noted the ERM stickers on the ammo boxes.

I am really worried about where things are going in our country. I have less worries here in Texas, but there are bad people all over these days. They seem to be moving here. Bad choice.

We are getting ready to do the garden thing again. I just bought a Mantis Tiller and assembled it. This is the OHC 4 Cy model. Haven't even started it yet. If you buy one, go to the Hardware store and buy grade 8 or 10 bolts and Nylock nuts BEFORE you start assembly. They supplied low grade stuff and they strip, bend and break easily.

Lanny said...

Mmmmm. I appreciate your sense of things here Cliff.

Paul Nichols said...

Marc, "Lock and Load" has such a pretty sound to it.

In November, I'm going to vote early and often, bleeve me.

EV said...

Paul - See ""; the left will be infiltrating the Tea Parties to make them look like crazies and extremeists. They plan to carry Nazi signs, racist signs, misspelled words, poor behavior to discredit concerned citizens. I expect Acorn and others will have our votes covered with faux votes 10 to 1. THAT is Chicago style politics. Regardless, I'll see you at the polls!

Lee said...

Why does this all sound similar? I guess your pollies and ours down here share notes!

Rachel said...

I agree Cliff. It's really quite frightening to think about what can happen with the way things are going. I see more and more people growing gardens these days.

Jim said...

You should run for President, Cliff! For sure you would have my vote. It comes hard but it would be yours.

I think I told you this all started in Texas. The fellow gave away all the state's money and cut taxes at the same time. Then he went to Washington and did the same thing for our country. It has continued since.

For sure his father would not approve. He is a nice guy, we see him at the Astros games and at the theatre. Getting pretty old though. Dad really liked him, but not at first. At first there was no one in the world who could live up to his beloved R. Reagan.

Lois is down but has to leave in the morning. A close friend in Iowa died and the funeral is Monday.

Lucy Stern said...

You are preaching to the choir here.... Amen!!