Saturday, June 12, 2010

This Is Not Good

Farmers dread late June and July and August for one reason. It can quit raining and never start again until fall. That leaves us pretty vulnerable to the hot-hot lazy days of summer when the corn and soybeans are trying to mature. The worst summers are those when we are very short of rain going into June.
Not the case this year. We were almost too wet and cold to plant in April and May but we did get most of the crops planted. Not all of them. I still have about 50 acres of unplanted ground due to water.
To top all of this off, last week we had 2.0 inches of rain at a time when we were waiting for it to get dry enough to finish planting. Exactly 2 inches.
Last Monday night June 7th we had exactly 2 inches again.
Last Wednesday night the 9th we had exactly 1 inch.
Last night the 11th we had another 1 inch exactly.
First, isn't it curious that every rain is on the inch mark exactly?
Second, this is one July we will go into, not being short of moisture.
I have plants, many of them, who are currently holding their breath until the water gets away from their roots. The forecast is for more rain. glub-glub
Suday June 13th: I just dumped exactly 1 more inch.
Monday June 14th: The cycle is broken. I only dumped .75 this morning.


Lanny said...

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest? Sorry for your rain, I hope that you get relief soon, like tomorrow!

The whole even inch thing - sorta creepy, kinda twilight-zonish. Like, could you put just a quarter inch in it?

Paul Nichols said...

We're gettin' it, too. More scheduled for today. I walked for two hours in it Friday. It stopped just as I got back into my vehicle, headed home.

marty morrow said...

God's just making it easier to switch to the metric system.

Dan said...

I just dumped 3 inches out of mine

Ralph said...

The one inch cycle might be broken but it would be good if the rain quit.

Rachel said...

We have had lots of afternoon thunderstorms too. Not as much as you have had. My rain gauge had 1/2 inch today and even less sometimes. I hope it dries up enough you can get those 50 acres planted.

Rachel said...

You asked if we have poisonious snakes here. We do have some but I haven't seen anything but black snakes and green snakes here at our house. Our neighbor has had his dogs bit by copperheads before, but I haven't seen any there. However, they have an old rock wall that runs through the property, which is a good snake hiding place! Rattlesnakes and copperheads both live in KY, but mostly in Eastern KY. However, rattlesnakes have been killed in our county, way out in the country.

Jim said...

The old Wild West was filled with rattle snakes and sidewinders!

I am sorry you are getting too much rain. We are still a little short although our late 'abc inches' got us caught up to withing two inches short. Other parts of South Texas are still very dry.

I blame it on Global Warming and Al Gore.
Could you put that into the Soil Bank? Or is it too late or are you too rich to take advantage of it?
Or did the Soil Bank get quashed along with our Space Program?

Jerry in Indiana said...

We're getting your leftovers here in Indiana. With lots of wind.

Gette said...

The rain stopped here just in time for the thunderstorms to roll in. Biggest Minnesota tornado outbreak since 1965.

EV said...

I don't know how you manage it all Cliff. I'm thinking there's some magic in there somewhere.

LZ Blogger said...

Well Cliff... all that rain makes it REAL pretty around there. At least you won't have to spend much time irrigating this season. But what about that CWS? I can't imagine they are thrilled with all the rain either. "Good bye to the Blatt" also makes it somewhat sad too! Go Bruins! (or Hornfrogs?) Keep the faith buddy! ~ jb///

Peter said...

We class that as a tropical depression usually the aftermath of a hurricane... you have had a lot of tornadoes lately.

Shannon said...

So sorry Cliff, we are needing rain here. Did not want to hear the word "replant" yesterday. :(