Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sorry I haven't been keeping up in the blog world. It has been a very busy summer with oppressive heat and humidity as of late. I can smell mold in the air everytime I go ourside. It's been good for growing corn. Well the corn that didn't drown out.
THIS is my latest article (every two weeks) in the Midwest Producer.
The one about The Great Nebraska Tractor Ride that I attended is HERE.


Granny Annie said...

Don't see how you ever have time to post. Loved the tractor ride column in the MIDWEST PRODUCER. What a hoot that must have been.

Jerry in Indiana said...

I think most folks have taken the summer off. I should be packing instead of blogging. Summer's almost over; better enjoy it!

nora said...

I've been blogging in your place.
Good to see you!

Donna said...

Allis Chalmers was our first tractor addiction; Cliff's main tractor, the one he actually used all the time, was a D-17 Allis. He loved that tractor, as did both our children. When he sold it to a friend, the kids almost disowned us. My uncles and a cousin farmed with Allis Chalmers tractors; the very word "Allis" tugs at my heart.
Both of us loved the article about the D-14.

Peter said...

I liked the comment... John Deere green with envy!!!!
Congrats on both the posts and the tractor ride.

Jim said...

The Tractor Ride was fun, wasn't it! We went those 100 and some miles and back in one day on motor cycles; there must have been over a thousand cycles.

Of course that was in my younger days, old people need four wheels and go a little slower. :)

It was a great article, Cliff, both were.

EV said...

That was fun read, Cliff.

Lanny said...

Those were great articles. Now that would be worth going slow on the road! Can't wait to share the articles with Dirt. He found his can of Allis paint the other day - wonder what that means for our winter. The back wheels do look funny, all shinny and new like but the rest of the tractor all gungie.

Gette said...

Big Fun! Bet you'd like this, too:

Different brands featured every year. I think last year was Fordson.

Ralph said...

Good stuff, Cliff. Real good stuff.

Jim said...

Our weather man said Eastern Nebraska and Northern Mo. were experiencing bad storms today. Hold on tight!

Thanks for taking time to check on me. I think your dad had a lot to do with my dad starting back to church.
Through our mothers those two fellows became very good and close friends. Your dad was special.