Sunday, September 04, 2011

Now We're Talking

This morning it was 51 degrees with fairly dry air. We had a high of 70. I'm in heaven. The flood water has gone down some, about 4 1/2 to 5 feet but we have a ways to go to get the fields dry but at least it has gone down.  There are some bad things happening to some. I think some irrepairable damage in some places.  One friend has a 65 foot deep channel cut through his lane to his house. He had a new house, now what.


Donna said...

I'm loving the low temps.

Ralph said...

Low temperatures are good for now but are usually followed by the white stuff in a few months. I hate that white stuff.
Sorry about the bad things happenings due to the flood waters.

Granny Annie said...

"Now we're talking" is right. We too are rejoicing in lower temperatures finally. WooHoo!

About your friends new channel. Can they put sharks or some other water predator in it and count it as a security device for lower rates on their insurance?

Rachel said...

We are currently getting the rain rain rain, but the temp is feeling great! I have been looking forward to the cooler temps, and I'm glad you are enjoying them too!

Sorry about all the water damage. I like Annie's remark about the channel. Use it for a moat! That is really deep...65 feet. Maybe he can get the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard boys and jump it each time?!

Jim said...

Hi Cliff ~~ I was thinking of a bridge. Is there water flowing in the ditch? If not cut a lane down the banks and make a low water crossing. We have a lot of those down here.

I am envious of your low temps and of Rachel's rain. We are still in drought here. Drought and forest fires, right here in our county. So far thirty homes have burned today.
I am liking your two good pictures of the 1000, probably of the year! I would like a red cap like this one, especially if it had a nice letter "N" like this one.

Jerry in Texas said...

It is even feeling fall-like here in Texas. It's nice to walk outside and not have sweat trickling down your back.

Get out and do something fun before harvest.

Lanny said...

Ahh yes, as the world turns, now we have the hot weather, okay mildly warm in relation to what folks call hot, but I am pleased as the heat and no rain in sight is helping my sad little Market Garden turn the corner.

So what, if anything is being done for future water issues in your area? or does every one shudder at the thought of a "fix"?