Tuesday, November 01, 2011


We got back from our trip to Boston and Maine on October 19th. I had missed the soybean harvest as my two brothers had completed that during my absence. (remember most of our farm ground was flooded all summer)
On Thursday the 20th I joined the battle of the corn and that was completed exactly one week later on the 27th.
Throw in County Board meetings, articles for a magazine, church activities and now regular field work as well as flood repair to come and I haven't been very good about getting around to see you guys but I assure you I will.

If you get the chance don't miss Alisson's Restauraunt in Kennebunkport Maine. The lobster rolls and clam chowder were to die for.
In the near future I might post a couple of pics with titles but nothing else to save time. I'll also post my latest article that explains our first few days in Boston also.


Ralph said...

That clam chowder really looks good.

EV said...

Lickin' my chops!!

Rachel said...

You are a busy man Cliff. That food looks so good and lobster rolls....ohhh that does sound great!

Lanny said...

Clam chowder is our favorite! Few places make it as good as Dirt and I like it! Looking forward to hearing more.

Jim said...

I love those Maine lobsters, Cliff. We went through Kennebunkport but didn't eat. Columbus Day is the last day of Maine's tourist season. We closed one lobster house.

Glad the crops are in. Now for the computations as to the losses. Right?

Thanks for peekking in on me. Yes, you know all of our clan. Jean and Ione read my blog so they would know most too.

The last picture on my blog was at this post.
http://jimmiehov.blogspot.com/2011/10/our-get-away-six-word-saturday.html (paste it)
We were in Colorado Springs the end of September. These 26 people are from our church here in Conroe. It isn't fair for you to want or need to know all of them.

Granny Annie said...

We're on the edge of our seats for more updates.

About the lobster rolls...is it really necessary to chop up lobster and put it in anything? Just give me nicely cooked whole lobster and some melted butter and set me in the corner with my bib especially in Maine.