Thursday, October 25, 2012

Progress Report

 Above is a picture of the challenge presented to the concrete workers while pouring Marilyn's new kennel. This shows electrical and water conduits as well as water drain conduits. Couple these with the four different slopes to drains on 2/3's of the building and there was no room for a cement truck. What to do???
 This is a  magic trick. They got a pipe from the sky to dribble concrete exactly where they needed it.
Well actually the magic pipe was attached to this truck. As each truck came down the lane to unload all they had to do was unload into the pump. It made for a quick pour.(compared to how long it would have taken without the pump) They did it in 3 different pours.


Lee said...

Wow! It's a massive undertaking, Cliff. Incredible!

Ralph said...

Pretty amzing what can be done now. I remember mixing and pouring a lot of concrete from a wheelbarrow.

Anonymous said...

lookin good mom and dad

Lanny said...

That's cool! I wouldn't get any work done for watching the work get done!

EV said...

That is pretty amazing technology, Cliff. It's a wonder to see them pump concrete up tens of stories. It's also always amazed me to see tires withstand the stress of a 747 landing, too .... or watch that second razor blade catch the whisker before it snaps back.

It's fun watching this project progress from afar! Thanx.

Jim said...

That is going to be some kennel, Cliff!! Have a blogstock and the Texas dog (Katrin) will come!

That is the way they build house foundations here in Texas. But you had better watch to make sure that the bathroom plumbing is in the right place. Ours would have ended up in the middle of the dining room had we not been monitoring everything.

Granny Annie said...

Didn't have a lot of catch up reading to do on your blog but was glad to see the pipe in the sky post. We've heard of pie in the sky so this was totally new. The kennel is looking good.