Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Other Shoe

This pic is an addendum to the post. Marilyn snapped it without flash during the snow storm. The light was from the porch light. The near blizzard conditions never materialized. It was actually just normal Nebraska weather for the second month of the year.

We're waiting for the other shoe to drop. About a week ago the National Weather Service began forecasting a near death experience storm to pass through the area. Today it arrives and like most winter storms, it's going to depend on where you live. The two feet they began forecasting for this area has dwindled steadily down to what is now 8" for later today. I do know there is a major event south of here with the two feet and an inch of ice. It makes our forcast look pretty tame.
Todays agenda includes plugging in the engine heaters on the snow blower tractor and the emergency farm generator tractor, putting the semi tractor-trailer inside and unload the srap lumber in my pickup into the burn pit. I must attend a 9 AM meeting at the courthouse and then we'll count our blessings.


Donna said...

It's hard to tell with the drifting and all, but I think we got 7 or 8 inches of snow. Supposedly we will get a couple more inches tonight. Cliff is retired. I always have plenty of food in the cabinets and freezer. I get our milk from the cow any time I need it, and we have books to read. I am loving the beauty of this storm and thanking God for the moisture.

Ralph said...

I hate when the other shoe drops. The second one always seems to leave a bigger footprint.

Lee said...

Be grateful for tame mercies, Cliff! ;)

We're copping heavy rain and winds again...just three weeks since we had the last huge blow. It's supposed to last for up to another 48 hours. I've battened down the hatches and filled up containers and buckets of water once again...just in case the power goes off...again. I hope it doesn't and definitely not for over four days! Enough is enough already!

Water, water everywhere...and more than a drop to drink!

Granny Annie said...

We got all hunkered down for the BIG BLAST which amounted to snow and sleet but temperatures in the 30's which took away the bluster. Two days of awaiting winter finally and poof it was gone.

Jim said...

Get ready for more, Cliff. I doubt you will get all 18 inches of our Amarillo storm but the white spots on the map seem to cover Nebraska.

One of the two times I have camped in a tent (make that three, I went with the Weblos once) we had to pack up and go sleep in the car. The next morning was soooo pretty with the wind rusltling the pines and the sun shining on all that was wet.

EV said...

Now I feel guilty. 84 here today. Marilyn's photo says it all.