Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Highway Construction

I've been to Wichita and back twice this week. It's only Wed AM. Two things cross my mind. One, when entering a multi-lane hiway, or 'merging', find a gap, look at the car in front of that gap, and get in behind him. This is opposite of the popular belief that one should find a large yellow truck with two cars on his left, and then time your entrance so that you find yourself precisely beside the truck. Paying no attention to the large gap in front of, and behind, the yellow truck. This move is usually followed by the driver of the car giving a sneer, flashing their headlights, or a salute to the trucker, without the use of the entire hand.
Two, if wise investing is your game, one might look into any group holding highway construction companies, or maybe those making the orange barrels and cones. The miles under construction seems to be growing yearly. I fully expect my next trip to Wichita to be completely on the wrong side of the Interstate. Both ways.
Sorry to bore you but the merge deal has been on my rant list a long time.


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