Monday, August 02, 2004

The Weather

Next weekend is the big event in Tekamah, Ne. Shows, carnival, Lewis and Clark lectures, cowboy poetry, car show, motorcyle show, tractor show, the city's 150 birthday party and the group Lonestar is coming to town on Saturday nite. Easily the largest single event to happen in Tekamah.
Because of this and all of the company we have coming to town, I have been watching the weather forecast for the entire week with an eye for specifics. High temps, Low temps, rain chances and so on.
I now believe that the forecast, is actually the result of a committee, some of whom, it's obvious, have been in to the adult beverages. And not just one committee, two. And they don't like each other. And never talk. Or they have a chicken in a cage with little squares drawn on the floor of the cage and when... ok never mind.
We are now 5 days away from the Cowboy Poetry show, and I can report that the temp will be between 80 and 98 degrees. And the chance of rain will be from none to 60% chance, to as high as likely. The low temps for the period will be upper 50's to about 75.
The bottom line... bring a jacket for the outdoor events. You'll be able to wear it to take the chill off, or get naked and use it for shade.


Susan & Greg said...

Well, you'll know it is hot and steamy if the cowboy poet's moustache is sagging.

I've told lots of people here how special the weekend will be...and they say "Is this the celebration of the explorers that ate the dogs that you told us about?"

I may not be improving the American image here in Perth.

Anonymous said...

.........and the weather was lovely--all that watching and worrying for naught!! Robbie