Sunday, October 10, 2004

Trailride weekend

This is the trailride weekend. My daughter and some of her friends from up in the hills decided to start an annual trailride last year. They wanted to correct the shortcomings of some other rides they had been on. Things like serving edible food and being friendly to the patrons, etc. I helped a bit at lunch on Sat. They rode to a hunting lodge, tied the horses under the trees and had b.b. hamburgers, homemade chili, dessert bars and ice tea and lemonade. The day was about 70 degrees, dry, sunny and well, perfect. The trails used had been worked to accommadate the several wagons that go to these events. At the camp that night, a local eatery and pub pulled out their LARGE smoker-grill and cooked chicken and fried catfish to perfection. The comments on the whole event, at last nights gathering, (as reported by my wife) ranged from great to "this is easily the best ride we've ever been to". Including most who said this was far and above AKSARBEN'S much heralded River City Round-up trailrides. Now the risk will be trying to keep a manageable number of people from here on out. Word of their success will spread like wildfire thru the horse community. Congratulations to my Daughter and her friends. Well done.
PS I stayed home to watch Nebraska play Texas Tech on TV last night. Turns out Nebraska didn't play.
P.S. Watch this space. I'll try to publish a couple of trailride and harvest pics.


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