Friday, October 01, 2004

A Story

I've always made my points with my children not by saying "don't do that", but rather by telling a story. For instance I wouldn't say "drive slow on the gravel". Rather I would relate a story about someone who got into the heavy gravel (piled along the side of every country road) and then how the squad had to load them up with a shovel. After the accident. As they grew older they would become irritated if I called too often. The conversations would end with... So Dad, why'd ya call. Oh I was just making sure you weren't laying upside down in a ditch. Now when I know they are driving somewhere, I'll ask, where are ya?? And of course the answer is, Laying upside down in a ditch. Or if I'm on the way to Lincoln they will call and ask where I am and I'll ask, why? Oh just making sure you weren't laying upside down in a ditch somewhere.
My eldest son has left his body shop in charge of our youngest son and went to Washington state on vacation. I called him today. I hesitated to call because I didn't know if he knew about Mt St Helens erupting or not. Or were they going to be close enough to care. Trying not to pry, I casually asked "are you going to be anywhere near Mr St Helens?. "Yeah Dad, we're on our way up there to camp right now. Near the rim. We're planning on taking a hike into that big hollow spot in the middle of the mountain."
For this branch of the clan, why say yes or no when you could tell a story.

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Anonymous said...

A recent phone conversation went like this:

Tiffany: Hello
Me: Hi Tiff this Dad.
Tiff: What's up?
Me: Not much. Say is Tom still there?
Tiff: No. He left about an hour ago.
Me: Is he going to call you when he gets home?
Tiff: Yeah.
Me: Why don't you give me a call so I know he made it?
Tiff: We are both adults! We can take care of ourselves!
Me: Yeah, that's cool now give me a call when he get home.
There was a click on the her end, I think something was wrong with the phone service. Fortunately, it was repaired before Tom got home because she called.
A Friend in Denver