Monday, September 25, 2006

Detour Ahead

I plan on doing several posts about our little jaunt to Wisconsin. That will have to wait.
The detour is because this day, Sept 26th, is pretty special to me. It's kind of the reason we took our little trip. To celebrate our 35th year of marriage.
The following story will show you how I am held in high regard here in our family. About two weeks ago our oldest son was here and looking through some of our old photos. Some pictures were of Marilyn and I, taken back in college where we met. He stared as his Mom for about thirty seconds until I said, "What?" "What are you staring at?" He replied, "Man Dad, you must have had a good personality when you were young, to attract a babe like Mom."
I held my tongue and didn't ask the obvious question like "What's wrong with the way I looked, and what's wrong with my personality now?" I took the high road. I said, "Go to your room." He replied "Sorry Dad, I don't have a room here anymore, I have a wife and kids and live in Lincoln." "Good idea." I said.
Well folks, here are a few pics of when we were young. The first one was of when we were first married and my bride is in a horeshow near Omaha. She is a very good rider/trainer. She doesn't have time to do much of it anymore.
The other is of her taken with our eldest. That little girl is now 30 something and the big smile on Marilyn's face is because of her new saddle she got for a Christmas present. Guys with lousy personalities must try to win favor with fine gifts. I guess.
She could have done better than me but is nice enough to claim otherwise.
I couldn't have done any better than her. She left the city of Denver to live life near the Missouri River with me. She became a farm wife. She claims to have never looked back and I believe it. We've had a blast and I would do it all over again.

Both pictures indicate how much she likes to horse around...
So do I, the only difference is that I don't like horses.
If I were in grade school again, I'd carve 'I Love Marilyn' on my desk. I might get in trouble but it would be worth the risk if only she'll notice me.
Hey Babe, lets try for 35 more!!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Happy Anniversary Cliff and Marylin..

boy look at her on that horse..dang..very married well cliff..

Jerry said...

Cliff & Marilyn,
Very nice tribute to your beautiful bride. You did marry up! Happy 35th Anniversary, you two!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to Cliff and Marilyn.
You both married well!!!!!!!!

Miki said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you! 35 years is quite an achievement! What a great example to set for your kids, they have a lot to emulate, and to duplicate! Cheers to another 35 years!

Dan said...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. And yes Dad, I still think you're lucky!

Mike said...

Standing applause!!!! Congratulations, you two. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cliff and Marilyn! You married exactly one year after I went into the service. Cliff, Marilyn had your name written on her heart well before you two even knew each other. I remember when we were children she said she was going to marry a rancher and live on a ranch. (Probably so she didn't have to either rider her bike or have her mother drive her to where the horses were.)

So.....congratulations to both of you for listening and following your hearts!

Love ya both! WOR (Char)

Gette said...

Happy Anniversary on my Birthday ('cuz it's all about me, you know) Now I'll never have an excuse to forget and I'll have to remember to send cards and stuff. Well, I suppose I could use the excuse that I was only 3 on that day.
Have a great day and do something fun.

Anonymous said...


Jamie Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Marilyn has lived with you now for 35 long years.
She knows you through and through, and yet it seems your non-personality has some how grown on her. Maybe it was the nice gifts that made her agree to the marriage, but gifts can only go so far.
I'd say you must be a great guy with a great personality to have snagged a fine lady and been able to keep her all these years.
I wish you many more wonderful years together!!

Rachel said...

You know I love horses too Cliff, so Marilyn is just top notch, and she is a beautiful lady, then and now. Congratulations on 35 years!!

Here's (raises glass) to another 35 happy years!!

Britmum said...

Cliff and Marilyn

Congratulations on a Brilliant 35 years together and may you have many more to come.

Aww love is so wonderful.

Take care xx

Maria said...

I think Marilyn is a very lucky woman to have you in her life. This is a beautiful tribute. I know how much work and fun goes into 35 years of marriage and I wish both of you 35 more wonderful years together.

TamWill said...

Happy 35th Anniversary! What an accomplishment and wonderful legacy to your children and grandchildren.

I am impressed with the picture of your wife riding her horse. Wow!

No horsing around here, but I think your wife knew that leaving the city to go farming with you, would be humerous and loving...Congratulations to you both for picking well and sticking to your promise! I admire that.

Anonymous said...

Mr. and Mrs. Blue

Felecia said...

You're an inspiration to us all (isn't that a song?) We're closing in on our 10th, which I feel is a great accomplishment but man - 35 years... what a great achievement!

**Silvermoon* GEL said...

Warms my heart.
Happiest 35th anniversary to you and Marilyn!

Jim said...

Thirty-five years! Congratulations guys!
Cliff, Marilyn didn't need a good looking guy, she had a nice looking horse to ride.
Surely someone knows what she saw in you. She must have figured you had possibilities?
Have you ever asked her?

Kendra Lynn said...

35 years is such a milestone...I pray that you both are blessed with many many more years.