Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blogstock '08

My good friend Ralph wrote me a while back with the idea of Blogstock '08. While I have no doubt that this will happen, we have yet to set a date. I'll be in the company of the Campbells in July for a very important wedding. I'm sure that the subject might come up and so we may have news for you after that, near the end of July.
The concept is well explained by Ralph but mostly means we would have a get together of bloggers here at the farm. I think if you read here regularly but don't comment you are still a blogger. (perhaps a lurkger or a blogker would be a good term) and eligible to be included. Besides, we have some local folks who read my blog and ask me things about you like "What's the deal with..." or "Is _____ blank out of her mind?" To which I have answers like "I don't know, maybe alcohol is involved," or "yes." Anyway, most would be included, we can simply throw the undesirables out on their 'bluts' (a blut is what a blogger sits on while typing. Okay I made that up) after they get here.
At any rate, we have spring, summer, or fall to choose from. Each has an up and a down side here in Nebraska. Winter will be ruled out by me as I plan on visiting you guys in the winter. Or at least the 'you guys' who occasionlly do things like play golf near your homes in January and February. I'm not that avid of a golfer, I'm just looking for that kind of weather.
If you have a season of preference for Blogstock 08, you can mention it to me. The date will be hard to set.
We'll cook and eat some dead plants and animals, visit, and generally have a really good time. I'll bake a cake. Oh yeah, you'll be able to take your own 'View From My Porch.'
Now, I have irrigation pipe to lay and a big riding lawnmower to reassemble. The latter is a long story but suffice it to say I should have loaded the thing on my trailer when it was still moving under it's own power and taken it to the dealer where parts are available. Little, tiny parts. Like gaskets, heads, hoses, valves, springs, bolts, nuts, and on and on. If my next blog is about me mowing the yard, it will be a miracle of Biblical proportions. It will likely be of me hooking three log chains onto a lawnmower and lifting it with my John Deere and loader onto a trailer and finding a JD dealer. I swear if they smile at me the wrong way they'll have a head gasket crosswise in a place they don't want a crosswise head gasket.


Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Good luck with that wayward mower.

Blogstock is an epiphany, Ralph and Cliff. What a great idea! I can’t imagine all the fun in meeting these blog celebrities. And Cliff, thanks for the offer to let me “wear the good antlers” if it’s scheduled in the Fall.

Paul said...

I choose the fall. Autumn is another good time. Looking forward to it.

Our SS teacher is John Deere's national sales manager. I'll send him over here to read your last paragraph. Maybe he can offer some advice and counsel.

terah said...

Cliff, I'm sorry to hear about your mower, but I do have a great solution: get a Hustler. I may have a slight bias, but I do think they're the best mowers out there! The dealers listed closest to you are at this link:

nora said...

Good luck with the mower.
Luckily, my lawn mowers get stolen before they have a chance to break down too badly.
When I bought my new (chained to the garage wall) mower, I looked at a John Deere but couldn’t afford it.
Good luck to everyone, you and the John Deere guys.

Looking forward to Blogstock. Maybe you should plan some “team building” exercises – picking up rocks, sweeping out the grain bin, cleaning dog poo from the kennels, pulling weeds…

Oh, am I the "out of her mind" or the "drunk" blogger?

Peter said...

Now lets see Cliff, are you subsidizing travel expenses to Blogstock '08? what an absolute joy it would be to attend such a festivity.
Do you recall the problems I ran into just fixin' some taps a while back... the potential for problems with your JD mower are far greater... use caution!!!
Fancy being advised to try a machine that isn't painted green... blasphemy.

Jim said...

Hey, Cliff, my RCA TV went beserk, only could act like a SAP. [It was stuck in Secondary Audio Programming mode.]
An RCA rep from Thompson Electronics posted the RCA solution, unplug it and plug it back in again, not turn it off, just unplug it.

So before you tear into it, take this expert's advice, unplug it and plug that mower back in again.
Mrs. Jim said we could come, we will be there. We want a rock band or two.
Maybe I could inivte our ZZ Top from Houston, here, and Beyoncé might want to come. We have a lot of famous others, C&Ws too. Randy Travis lives lown the road a bit, and we could check to see if Willie is booked then.

If my knee is up to golfing this winter, I'll golf with you here. Mrs. Jim could too, she has new clubs, like Big Bertha 460 and the other Bertha clan.

Keep us posted, 'Autum' is devinitely our choice, spring is ok too. We do have some travel plans in the 'fall.'

Cliff Morrow said...

Terah, My wife won't allow Hustler or any other of that type magazine in the house.
Jim, Did you just call your wife Big Bertha? btw I vote for Willie. I don't want to be the ugliest guy here.
Hey Mike, We have a 4200 foot runway between here and town in case you care to fly. It's about 5 miles away.
Ralphs going to try for the 4th of July. Of course if we did that we'd need to put a float together for the parade.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I know it won't surprise you that I've already checked it out. Have I got a story for you about that! ;)

Rachel said...

Just let me know when Cliff! I guess I have no preference! What fun!!!

Nora is right. You could find some of us chores to do. Many hands make fast work!!

Which neighbor asked you if I was out of my mind???

Jamie Dawn said...

None of my posts are ever written under the influence of alcohol. One is never supposed to mix drugs and alcohol.

Yes, Rachel is out of her mind. :-)

Please bake more than one cake for this shindig.
I plan to eat a whole one myself, and I do not want to share. Put extra frosting on mine, please.

Spring, summer, or fall will work well for me.
I am glad you ruled out winter. From your wintertime posts, I have concluded that an outdoor party at that time would really suck.

Jamie Dawn said...

I also need to let you know that I will have a restraining order on all mayonnaise. If any mayo comes within ten feet of me, you will be arrested.

JunieRose2005 said...

Well, heck- if no Mayo is being served I'm afraid I can't make it....since potato salad is not fittin' without Real Mayonnaise! ;(

I was even thinking of asking our neighbor, John Travolta to fly us out...but with no REAL Mayonnaise allowed...I just don't know...

I had, SO, hoped to come and see all those big old tractors and stuff you have! ;(

Junie Rose

Cliff Morrow said...

That's what I thought. You guys have a gardener. Ol John.
Come on out JunieR, don't let JD scare ya off.
You and I have some of the same beliefs about potato salad.

1 plus twins said...

oh cliff i would love to come. no way in winter though. you guys can come here and golf and enjoy the weather. if i come i am gonna have to bring the boys cuz they still want to meet a "real" farmer!!

JunieRose2005 said...


:) problem is- Ol John spends Way too much time up in the air!

Gette said...

Now here's an event we'd have to make the trip down for! Keep me posted!

Lee said...

If it's going to be anything like Woodstock, Cliff............count me in! ;)

Rachel said...

I'll bring Hellman's mayo Cliff. Jamie says no mayo or you'll be arrested!! Hahaha!!! Hotdogs and mayo go great together. We might even get JD to liking mayo before it's over!!

Rhodent said...

Blogstock '08 is a GREAT idea!!!!!! But then we both know that you are a genius when it comes to thinking up fun things! So do we need to bring our own tent or what? I vote for cooler, but not cold weather... fall would be great... but I would love it no matter when it happens!

Oh, I really am not out of my mind, I just lose track of it on occasion.

Jerry said...

I think Blogstock '08 (or even '07) sounds like a great idea. I'll even run shuttle service to/from the airport. Make it happen.

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ "We'll cook and eat some dead plants and animals..." Boy you sure know the way to a Bloggers heart! I'd come just to meet some of these characters! ~ jb///

Gette said...

Does this blog make my blutt look blig?

Jamie Dawn said...

Rachel, NOone will be getting me to like mayo.
The truth is, it's a SIN to eat that unholy spread.

gel said...

Yes, Yes, YEsssssssss! Do I sound excited? It's for more reasons than that choc. cake.

(Winter is not the best for us because we're often snowed or iced in. I will email the one weekend we can't come and hope the group wants a different one.)

Just let us know when, because my husband needs lots of time to ask for time off, even if it's over a weekend. Thanks, Cliffers.