Thursday, June 21, 2007


>Having nothing worth blogging about, I've decided to do it anyway.
>I love really good fresh fruits and vegetables. About this time of year I begin to buy canteloupe and watermelon and patiently wait for the homegrown tomatoes, sweetcorn, green beans, peas, potatos, cucumbers, and on and on to become ready from the garden. I've hit paydirt on the last two watermelons and several canteloupe in a row. I should go to Vegas, I'm not usually this lucky.
I've heard it said there is no such thing as a mediocre pancake and the same holds true for all of the above. Nothing says 'loser' like paying $3.50 for a watermelon just to bring it home, take one bite and throw it on the compost pile. No not the compost pile on this desk, the one behind the garage.
>When you drink milk....where does the 'white' go?
>I saw a gal by the name of Megan Fox on the Jimmie Kimmel show last night. She is starring in a new movie about Trans Formers or something like that. She told him her little sister was much better looking than she. Nope. Not buying that one. Denny Crane would have turned red faced and calmly said, "stunning." I know I did.
>We are going to feel picked on coming up this weekend. It's supposed to get up into the 90's three days in a row. It's time to cut the hay. Saturday morning is the date.
>I'm going to a fundraising golf outing tomorrow for...ahem....a democrat, lets not breathe a word of this to anyone.
I was ready to post this and hit spellcheck. It didn't find anything wrong. Apparently it's not any smarter than I am.


Jim said...

Hey Cliff, you were # 20,003.
000, 001, and 002 came via Googling this and that.
I could take a picture!
You had better watch it in that tournament, it might be stacked against you given your clean political reputation. Not everybody plays fair.

JunieRose2005 said...

We've had some really great watermelons already! And we got them at a good price- 3 for $10.00.

However- my husband saw them some where for $8.99 each! lol lol- I wondered why not just call it $9.00!
That's crazy!!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

When cow's laugh, does milk come out their nose? Have a good weekend.

Felecia said...

Mmmm... fresh produce. I would say that's worth blogging about; our local farmer's market begins this week and it's my favorite time of year.

Isn't milk supposed to be good for your bones/teeth? Perhaps that's where the white is redirected;)

Have a great golf game and don't worry - your secret's safe with me.

Jim said...

Another thought Clliff, your readers like to know you are still alive. That goes for all you old guys. Me too, I hope.

I know the answer to your milk riddle, the white goes on to those white mustaches.
Do I get prize?

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I bought some vine-ripened tomatoes at the store the other day. If it wasn’t for the salt and pepper I put on them they would have had no taste – none.
I always plan to make trips across the state starting in August and running through September. One of the main reasons is that is when the cantaloupes, peaches, and lot of fruit is really good.
We have been in the 90’s for a past few days.

nora said...

If you're hanging out on my side of the street, the golf outing will be a FUNraiser.
Be careful!

Rachel said...

I love the fresh produce too, but I'm not keen on watermelon too much. It seems things just don't taste as good as when I was a kid. We used to sit on the porch and eat our homegrown watermelons and the juice would run down our chins an we spit the seeds out in the yard! Ah...those were the days!! I can't find any with that wonderful taste. Here the farmer's have cabbage, summer squash, zuchinni, green onions, green beans, potatoes, and cucumbers already.

The homegrown tomatoes are the best!! Yum!

The white in milk sticks to your stomach lining and then when you get sick someday and throw up it will come loose and come back up with the vomit. did ask!!

You're going to a fundraiser for a WHAT?? I've having trouble reading that little word. Lordy, I sure won't tell a soul.

Rachel said...

Cliff, I just read your comment about the cat being spayed!! You are so funny!! I just read that after still laughing over Peter's "Onestone" joke!!!

The cat was spayed before she left!!! LOL

Peter said...

Good luck with the hay Cliff, loved everything about cutting hay.... hated carting it in the hot weather though, we always baled the small rectangular bales so carting was labor intensive.

gel said...

Those veggies sound delish!
Hope hay cutting goes well.
It's been in the high 90's INSIDE our house since Father's Day.
I hope you "tee off" in a fun way.
(I'm steering clear of party talk.)
Lol about spellcheck. I need typocheck.

Paul said...

Cliff. I accidentally went to Ralph's joint and accidentally signed up to go to your house for all kinds of good cookin'. Blogstock '08, or something like that. My First Wife and I think it's a good idea. Our little garden now consists of 1 grape tomato plant and 1 beefsteak tomato plant and lots of flowers. (sigh)

Angie said...

The fruits and veggies sound yummy.

Unfortunately I don't have a green thumb, so we pay $9.00 for a watermelon here in SC. It is a huge bummer when they aren't sweet. Even the farmers market in town is overpriced. I paid $21 for tomatoes, 6 corn and a small cantaloupe.

Maria said...

Ah Sweet Summertime! Sounds like you have a wee case of the summer blahs. I bet it is hotter there when it is 90 than here in the Mojave when it is 110.
I am back from NYC and enjoying the quiet and reading other folks posts.

Lee said...

Just as well you whispered that, Cliff! ;)

I love fresh fruit and vegetables, too. Actually, today I've devoured five oranges and two apples! 'Tis the season for both here right now.

Dear Denny...don't you just love him?

ptg said...

Nine dollar watermelon? It couldn't be sweet enough.

John Goerzen said...

Inquiring minds want to know just who this democrat is.

If you say Hillary, I fully expect to see some flying pigs outside.

Jamie Dawn said...

If he's a good Democrat (Is there such a thing???) then that's okay.

Summer fruit and veggies are the BEST!!

There's no such thing as a mediocre pancake...
That reminds me of something my dad says:
"There's no bad berry, pickle, or cheese."

Cliff Morrow said...

He's our local State Senator and he's a good one.