Thursday, October 25, 2007


~The older I get the easier it is for flowers and kids to put a smile on my face.~ cm

We're picking corn. We have plenty of moisture. The yields seem good. So I assume I can blame all of this on the President. After all, if he's responsible for the wild fires in California, he must be responsible for the peace and prosperity in the midwest.
I wonder how many of those in Qualcomm stadium will be waiting there for someone to give them handouts a year or two later. After the fires are out, I think you'll find it amazing what a difference getting a job and competent local leadership can make as compared to the Ray Nagin led disaster.


Flip Flop Momma said...

yup, everything is the presidents fault, I am sure the fact I just sprouted a zit is somehow connetced to him as well:)

oh and flowers put a smile in my face, well...depends on the day...


Dan said...

I have built a successful small business while George has been in office. Thanks George!

Janell said...

You are SO RIGHT on all points made here today. Wise, succinct and brief - all at the same time. Were you ever in Toastmasters?

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh my!!!

I hadn't thought to blame all my computer troubles on the president!!

Now that I think of it -it HAS to be all his fault!!

I will find it hard to forgive him for all this!

Junie Rose

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Liked the quote. You know the only reason you are getting older is because of Bush - right?

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ Isn't it amazing what can get done when people DO IT for themselves, instead of waiting around for the government to do it?
But I think the Prez has something to do with the Huskers performance lately! Don't let 'em HOOK ya in Austin! I also loved (and appreciated) your quote! ~ jb///
P.S. Your post comment on my blog is about TWO WEEKS ahead of my actual posts. You are quite the MIND READER Cliff!

Gette said...

Hmmmm. There's some fodder here for further posting.
I hadn't heard the prez was responsible for the fires. I'm out of the loop. Darn Arsonist.

Anonymous said...

somehow, dan--I believe your successful business was due to your hard work--and business knowledge!! Aunt R

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I'm grinnin' like a bear, Cliff - I've had some similar thoughts. We're on the same page again, my friend. Have a great weekend! ;0)

Miki said...

Somehow, some way, I knoew that the Feds were the blame for everything that goes on, and the Commander in Chief, well, he just takes the guff. I didn't know it was his fault that the fires started or got out of control either, what????????? I too am out of the loop.

Jamie Dawn said...

Blaming Bush for those fires is quite a stretch.
Those who hate Bush want to connect him to any and all bad things. It's ridiculous.
As far as I can tell, the CA Goverantor has done a fine job of leadership during these wildfire disasters. Each level of government from local to state to federal seems to have done their part.
First responders did what they should instead of waiting on the feds to save the day. The feds came in later with supplies and help, which is the way it's supposed to run.
Katrina was a disaster starting from the local level.
The feds took the blame for their errors in that tragedy and have worked to improve. Those who look to blame Bush for all that happened in the aftermath of Katrina are deceiving themselves.

Well, my response to your post was longer than your post.
Kids & flowers make me smile too!! :-)

Rachel said...

I knew about the fires but I can't watch it. Too distrubing. I did not realize they blamed George. Jerry came down to visit me today and I really enjoyed it! I guess George must have sent him down!!

I'm glad your yields are good Cliff.

Were your ears burning today??? If so, well...blame George!! :)

1 plus twins said...

your quote is so true!!!!

gel said...

hey Cliffers! I like your quote. Wise words. Glad there's lots of corn. I LOVE C-O-C. (that's corn on the cob all you people w/ dirty minds.)

I had to drop in here after reading your comment to Jamie's latest Blog Church and her current "bottomline" post....hehehahah. Uh, I'm still having a difficult time dispelling the image of "barely" running into you in blog church. LOL Thank goodness blogging comments are not on video!!!!!! (That goes for me as well as you.)

Rhodent said...

I don't know about the fires, but I am sure that he is responsible for my collapsing air-conditioning ductwork as well as the fact that my freezer went on the blink!

Maria said...

I am proud of being a Califonian. Our emergency volunteers are among the best. Unfortunately, so might be our home-grown arsonists.

What about FEMA and its Press Conference?

George Bush may not be my favorite President, but he has a real talent for comforting our citizens in a time of disaster.

Time and history will be the judge of how well he has done in office.

Wow, this may be the most diplomatic comment I as a Democrat, have written. LOL

Angie said...

I, for one, am thankful for the peace and prosperity in the it here!! ;)

Raggedy said...

The only corn I pick is out of my teeth.
I am thankful for the peace and prosperity in the midwest..The farmers here are a smiling.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Britmum said...

I love corn.

Hugs xx