Friday, October 12, 2007

Views From The Porch

This view from our porch was taken a week or
so ago. It is looking northeast from the house. it shows the cornfield partially harvested. We started on corn this year because the beans weren't dry enough yet and this particualar cornfield was.
The yield was good and moisture 15% to 16%.
15.5% is considered #2 corn and would be the goal. Of course corn never hits the goal. It's either too wet or too dry. But that's farming. Ask any farmer how it's going and we'll tell you we've had 'too' much of something or the other.

This view is looking southeast from the porch. Marilyn snapped this pic. I like it because it shows a little activity. My brother is running the combine harvesting soybeans. That's the reason for all of the dust. Another brother is running the grain cart. It is barely visible over the top of my tractor-trailer. The grain cart was in the picture above.
The telephoto lens makes it appear that a lot of my 'stuff' is piled up close to the house. That because it is. However the horse trailer isn't hooked to my yellow tractor. It just looks that way. You'd never know that I had a couple of big machine sheds to park stuff in.
Since this photo was taken we have been rained out twice but have finally been able to narrow our soybean acres down to about 80 left to harvest. We've had to leave a few of the wet areas that will have to wait until it freezes over enough to support the weight of the combine.
Our temperatures have been mostly in the 60's with the lower 40's when you first walk outside in the morning. We had a good 'killing frost' yesterday morning. I love this time of year on the farm and in the midwest. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else during October through December. January thru March is another story, I'm taking offers on those months.


Paul said...

I always enjoy these pictures from your porch. I'm getting anxious for Blogstock 08, so I can then put everything in perfect perspective.

Jerry said...

January thru March, you're on your own, Cliff.

I'm ready for the harvest to be over already. Working with Dad is making me grayer by the day.

Great porch pics!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Given the weather we had this year in January - March I'll trade with you. The snow shovel is right inside the garage door.

Peter said...

A regular hive of activity Cliff, nice to see you put the brothers out to work while you do the important bit... take the photos.

Greg said...

My computer finally will let me read and leave comments. I really like the pics of harvest. The smells of harvest and the cool air are the best.

Cliff said...

Good to hear from you all.
Peter, you're a live! Good to have you back.
Greg, thanks for stopping.
Ralph:if I trade places with someone it likely won't be with someone from Colorado. No offense.

nora said...

I love the photographs.
And I'm feeling a little smug, since I've stood on that porch.
And you're welcome in Indianapolis this winter.
I'll make sure that you have fun -- and I won't make you shovel. You might be put to work chopping veggies at Second Helpings.

Lee said...

Busy! Busy! Busy...but that's good, keeps you off the streets and out of trouble! ;)

Lucy Stern said...

I have always wondered what it would be like to live/work on a farm....I think my dad would have loved it, he loved gardening and growing things.

Do you sell any of your corn or ethanol?

Cheyenne said...

We get to see some of that activity around here too. We are surrounded by corn and soybean fields. Sad thing is we are also losing them as progress takes over...something I don't like. Suburban sprawl is taking over our once-peaceful country estate. Drat.

JunieRose2005 said...


I always enjoy seeing your farm pictures. I like showing them to Charles too.


poopie said...

It never ceases to amaze me how the view from your porch looks just like the view from mine here in Tennessee. Farming looks pretty much the same no matter where you are!

Jamie Dawn said...

I just posted a new post for Sunday, and I made my hubby come read it. I also had him read the two comments you left in my previous post.
We had quite a chuckle!!!

Those are nice pics. It's been quite some time since I've seen a tractor in a field.
Yep. There's still dust.

I also had to scroll down and take another peek at the two photos of your new grandson.

Jim said...

Things are looking good for you and the harvest. I'm glad you have lots of help too.

I'm with Paul on the Blogstock 08, we are ready. Dad says you give real good river rides and tours. I'm ready for one of those too.

On your temps, just add 20 and that is where we are right now in temperature. That will pretty well hold till summer, except we stop around 30.

Come check us out if you get too cold or snowy this winter.

Raggedy said...

Looking good!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

LZ Blogger said...

I was in Eastern Iowa last week (scouting out a new blog post) and there was a lot of corn, milow and beans that had still not been harvested. I thought about you each time I saw one of those big combines working the fields! I'd like to do that sometime myself. ~ jb///

Rachel said...

The dust is making me sneeze Cliff. I enlarged the picture and could see that the horse trailer was not hooked to the truck. Great picture Marilyn took of all the work being done. Can't wait until Blogstock08 to see it in person! I mean the farm, you, your family, and other bloggers....not the work!! :)

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I really enjoyed these pictures. The photos and the season both remind me of growing up in Illinois - ALL of that farmland is now suburban Chicagoland sprall. Thanx for sharing and stirring those great memories, Cliff.