Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Survival Mode

It is -10 as I write. But the weather man says that with the bright sunny skies and wind that we can expect to get up to oh, about zero.
I've decided to not even try trucking corn and will leave the tractor-trailer in the shed. At least in there when it jells up I won't have to tow it. I can just 'tow' the Knipco heaters over to the truck.
We have gone into survival mode again. You know, things like asking Marilyn to start my pick up for me when she goes out to start her car. Planning is the key when life gets tough.


Flip Flop Momma said...

yeah its cold...its -20 here...this just isnt right..

and yes, planning is the key to life, but if u wanna have a good life, dont ask the bride to start your truck...just some advice, cause i love u cliff and thats how I roll.

Gette said...

I am so sick of this!!!!!
I am applying for jobs in Florida.

Lucy Stern said...

Today it will get up in the high 60's maybe the low 70's here. It has been a pretty mild winter here in Houston. -20, no way!

Do you keep food stored at your house, just in case you can't get to the store?

Ralph said...

Well you made it. 1:23 PM your time and according to the reading on your blog it's zero. Stay warm.

Jamie Dawn said...

It was 61 degrees here yesterday, and it's 55 today.
Life is tough.
I can't take these cold temps much longer.
Marilyn may ask you to go ahead and do the laundry since you're passing through the laundry room.
I do not ask my hubby to do the laundry. He does not separate colors from whites, and the results are not good at all. He is only allowed to ruin his own clothes.

I hope it warms up soon for you guys. Zero degrees is just, plain hitonious.

Peter said...

Well you haven't got it all to yourself today Cliff, we look like makin' it to zero too, only problem is that someone dropped a 10 in front of that 0 here!!!

Rachel said...

That's too cold Cliff. It was chilly here, probably in the high 30's I guess.

I'm sure that you are a gentleman and start Marilyn's vehicle instead of the other way around.

Jerry said...

Yep, It's February. It was 20 degrees today and sunny. It felt balmy to me. That's just wrong.

Hang in there. Just a few more weeks of winter. Thank God for Marilyn!

Cheyenne said...

I hate those kind of days.

1 plus twins said...

oh my god, you and flip flop momma are freezing your asses off. i feel so bad for you two. that is cold as shit. oops shit isn't cold is it. lol i complain when it goes below 70 here that i am freezing, i would def. die where you are. hope it warms up soon.

hey why aren't you going out to warm up mariln's car for her!!!!

JunieRose2005 said...

AHHH, Cliff,

We ( Charles and I ) were just complaining because it's a gloomy, rainy day here- in the mid 60s!

I felt guilty after doing that and reminded him that we have it good compared to most folks around the country!

Hope your winter weather is soon over!


1 plus twins said...

so are you still alive or did you freeze to death?? hope your keeping warm.

Janell said...

Well, Cliff, I'm with Jamie. I nominate the Nebraska winter of 2007-08 to be the Most Hitonius Winter of the Century, So Far."

Lucy Stern said...

Cliff, are you still alive or are we going to find you frozen in your rocking chair?

Anonymous said...

I see that you are at 26 right now. We are exactly double that here in Montana. What a miserable mild winter we have had. :) :)


Shannon said...

Negative ten! I can't function when it gets below 30 degrees. The husband wants to move up North. I replied that I will follow him anywhere as long as it is down, or toward the coast... but not up.

Jim said...

Blame it all on global warming, Cliff, I will!
I see it is warming up there now, your thermometer says 28F.

Lois was down last week and went back this Wednesday. She wasn't in any hurry to leave.
Here in the north Houston area, we got down into the 50s last night, it was pretty cool. I saw 47F this morning after our little rain.
This will be the coolest day for quite a spell, it will be in the 70s now again till the forecast runs out.

Stay warm, keep that truck warmer happy, and cook supper when you can.
BTW, I am wearing shorts today as usual even if it is cooler. But, our heaters haven't run today.

nora said...

Are the cats okay?

ptg said...

I don't know how much time my first wife and I wasted, each waiting for the other get up and get the kitchen wood stove going on icy mornings.