Saturday, September 20, 2008

Football Saturday

Our daughter was playing the organ for a funeral yesterday so it fell upon us to get our oldest grandson to a flag football game about 2o miles from the farm. The football player is 10 years old and is in no way a smart alec so the following conversation was particularly funny at the time. We were on the road and:
Grandma: So, what's your number?
C: We don't have numbers.
Grandma: You don't have numbers?
C: No.
Grandma: Well how can we tell who the players are:
C: By our faces.
They don't wear helmets it turns out.
In the 'as luck would have it' department, He carried the ball only one time but I had my Rebel in my hands and already turned on so I got the following picture.


bobbie said...

Way to go, Grandpa! nice shot.

WAR said...

simply by C. size he should have been able to take that other kid out!

Jerry said...

By our faces. I would have liked to seen your face when he said that.

Shannon said...

Very Cute! I like it. Around here starting at age 4 & 5, football is taken very seriously. Parents spend a fortune on the uniforms and the pads. Seems like such a waste, this looks allot more fun!

Rachel said...

He was just being honest! I never saw a football game with no helmets. Great picture Cliff!

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ Ah this brings back memories from my own childhood... err ahh well... at least I think it was MINE! ~ jb///

Ralph said...

Oh man I can hear him saying that without any expression - just matter of fact.
Great picture.

Miki said...

Way to go Grandpa, glad you had that camera ready to go! Keep capturing those memories. This is a great shot.

EV said...

Woo-hoo! Great shot, Cliff. I just love stopping by here for a great big slice of life. Thanx for my morning smile.

Cat said...

Awesome picture!! I love action shots..

Hugs xx

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Cliff! This sounds like a funny exchange between grandmother and grandson. Was Marilyn panicing when she saw no helmets were worn?

Great shot Cliff. Looks like your grandson was having fun. The look of determination on the other little boys face is priceless. Lisa

Jim said...

Hi Cliff, welcome back home. I have been counting and had you on the list. But you are forgiven because you were out of town.

I'm cutting back on my blogging (trying at least, it is sort of addictive) and will stop reading or leaving comments on blogs who seem not to care if I blog or not.
I know some don't like my Texas twang and I won't mess with them.
BTW, you wrote the first comment for me. It was provisional, but I really appreciate that and it would have been hard to write you off.
You're a good guy!

Lucy Stern said...

Cliff, my grandson is not into football, he likes baseball like his peapaw does....

Jamie Dawn said...

Nice action shot.

"By our faces."
I love that.


Janell said...

Go, C!

Good pic, Grandpa.