Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weighing In On The Election

I haven't weighed in on the election yet so I must. We didn't have a good choice for President. This is why.
Conservatism and it's ideals will sustain a nation forever.
Liberalism must eventually destroy the nation it governs. We are well on the way.
Conservatism believes competition is good and that if you fail at being competitive with ideas and products, your company will fail. And if your business fails everyone who works for you will lose their good paying jobs. If you make loans to people who can't pay them back, your bank will fail. Failure is a correction. Failure is a great teacher and sets you up for the next victory. Everyone survives it, but you end up with smarter business people, bankers, suppliers and better products and a better, stronger nation. Forever.
Liberalism says it's okay to fail. They don't believe in winners. Everyone gets a trophy. They want everyone to be equal and a dependant of the federal government. Even if you don't work. They will swipe money from the smartest business people (taxes) and give it to you so you won't need to worry. They want to take care of us. This destroys the will to work and removes gumption. This gives the recipient a sense that "I can go it alone so I don't need a complete family unit to survive." "I don't need help, I have the government." Liberalism totally destroys the individuals' will to succeed. Liberalism will only work until we run out of wealthy people. (I'm not wealthy by the way)
It also demands that the wealthiest in our country move as much of their business and assets, elsewhere, as soon as possible. They will take the jobs with them as they go.
A high minimum wage also speeds this process up. Our present economy is evidence of the effects of raising wages on a whim, (even though it's not very intelligent) without regard for the havoc it will inevitably have on the economy.
Conservatism says government needs to stay out of business. All attempts to make it 'fair' will have far reaching, unexpectedly bad results. Conservatism does not believe in bail outs.
Liberalism says we must take care of all families and businesses. That kind of thinking is why the tiny (in population) state of Nebraska has an HSS budget nearing 3.5 BILLION dollars. That my dear readers is what is wrong with our economy. All other spending, military and war included, pales by comparison to HSS. Over 60 cents of every tax dollar now goes to 'entitlements.' That's why in the liberal strong hold of Chicago we lost more people by murder than we did soldiers in Iraq during the same period. This, in spite of having a 'brilliant' organizer.
The reason the failure must continue to the end is that the biggest cities control the ballot box. They cannot see the problem from where they stand. Their representatives to Washington must produce 'give aways' to get votes. The representatives will say the problem gets worse every year because of a conservative somewhere but not realizing that almost every major city is held and run by liberals. The worst of the crime, bad schools, and broken homes in our nation are under liberal leadership. (ie, New Orleans) But it's these same representatives who stick their chest out and proudly bring back more pork to the home town. They WILL get the votes because voting for them means 'Taxgetters won't need to work so hard.' Liberalism is a good example of perpetual motion. It gets bigger every pass.
Our economic emergency was started by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They got into trouble because House of Representative big wigs demanded that they make loans in the cities to their constituents. Yes, to anyone and everyone so as to get votes. Even to folks who couldn't pay them back. If you don't have money for a down problem we'll loan you 125% of the value of the house you want to buy. You say you can't make the payments? That's okay we'll let you pay 'interest only' for a few years.
It was a good way to get votes but it started the ball rolling. If we could remove these two institutions from the equation, then we would have been left with a simple economic downturn. The first one in eight years.
All of our biggest problems will and must get worse so long as we follow liberals. The spouting constantly that we need to throw more money at every problem, won't fix the problem. It never has. It never will. And so long as we have a votary who can't see the root of the cause, we are destined to continue down our road to socialism and then on to the last step of communism.
Personal responsibility is the only answer for the problems our country has. We have to deal with our own short comings in our families, our businesses, and our society.
And lastly and most dangerous of all, Are the probable appointments to the supreme court. The appointees will be attorneys set on making their own laws regardless of present law, the U.S. Constitution be damned. They will be using beliefs from around the world and will likely not consider the Constitution. With the appointments of the next four years to 'what used to be' the Supreme court will likely be the beginning of the end. After all they will be made by a man who has proven that he believes that infantacide is okay.
We are destined to move toward more failures of families, large businesses, and schools for the next four years and beyond. We were destined to do that no matter who won the presidency.
Liberalism, once rooted, can't be stopped. Just watch.
It could be worse. You could be in the military and have to salute the new commander in chief.
Now, where's my trophy?


Marc said...

Well said Cliff!

There are too many people who are expecting the govt. to take care of them...with my money. I am all for charity. I pick the charity that I think needs help the most, and I give. I also give at church, as I am obligated to help pay the churches bills and pay the Pastor a decent salary in support of his called work.

I don't choose to pay taxes for anything in excess of Military and police, EMS needs for our defense and safety. That is such a small portion of what I have been taxed over the years. The rest was squandered.

I foresee Buyer's Remorse setting in as soon as the liberal horde and their hacks find out they have been duped by "The One". Some in the media are already beginning to complain.


Rachel said...

Applause!! Applause!! Very well said Cliff. Dang, it's a shame we can't have a man like you in the white house.

I sure hate to see us going the way of socialism and then communism.

Ralph said...

Personal responsibility - your kidding right? I mean what would the government be in charge of?

Paul Nichols said...

Now you tell us.

Cliff, this should have been out several weeks ago. Maybe save a couple of votes.

No trophy. Just applause and Thumbs Up!

Anonymous said...

But, Cliff, we are not powerless YET! Liverals don't want us to stand up & work together.They know how effective we can be when we speak with one voice.That's why it is so vital that members of Congress hear from us! It's urgent that they understand that we voters expect strong moral leadership OUR govt. Leadership that respects & reflects our values, not attacks them at every opportunity.We know what they plan to do.Again,we are not powerless!

EV said...

It's always amused me that foolish people didn't realize that raising taxes on "those rich people and corporations" was, in fact, raising taxes on everyone - it just gets passed along.

I agree with every bit of your commentary. I would only add that we can expect the USA to withdraw support for Israel, too.

Question: The government has taken over the banks, the auto industry is next .... is it a real leap in logic to imagine that energy production and agriculture are in the crosshairs?

Cliff said...

EV, I'd hate to be on the committe that was appointed to go around and talk to farmers about a government take over.
I'm sure 'welcoming committees' would be plentiful.

Gette said...

That's a lot to cogitate on.

So, to stick my foot in the dissention...with randmon unconnected goodness.

Hey, who was that broad, Generalization?

badum bum.


Whoever anonymous is, is on the right track. Keep contacting your representation. They are supposed to represent the people who didn't vote for them as well as those who did.

That, and keep praying for them.

Funny, though, the majority of people in any given poll will label themselves as not liberal or conservative, but moderate.

That's all I got. Volley 'em back.

gel said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was extra special.

Dan said...

Cliff, I have a quote you might like. I came up with it myself at the end of an unpublished rant about 4 months ago. "Where does it stop? Where everything else does,,,at the End"

Lucy Stern said...

You nailed it Cliff! I agree with every word and I pray that we can somehow turn our country around.

We have had several generations of "entitlement" people out there and they have no idea what real work means......It's gimmie, gimmie, gimmie....I think they are going to find themselves in worse shape than when they first voted....I am afraid that we are going to lose more of our freedoms.

As far as the bailouts go, No No No. Are any of these companies going to change what they were doing? Are the auto labor unions going to "give" up what they want? Bailouts don't work most of the time. AND our country just goes deeper in to debt....I am so grateful that I don't conduct business the way they do.

Thanks for the post Cliff....It is good to see that I am not the only one thinking like this.

Jim said...

Well Cliff since I don't have a business and I think business got carried away with making their dollar in a greedy manner. I get 'entitlements' for a public career in education. I am an attorney, dues paying until I became a super senior citizen.
Where do I fit into the situation?
Forgot to say, I have an autographed picture of Palin and what's his name standing together. I'm keeping that, unless maybe I could sell it?

JunieRose2005 said...


This is so true-every word of it! You got this so RIGHT! This makes such perfect sense...and you have to wonder why Liberals can't see it

Since the election all I have been hoping /praying for is that MAYBE it won't be as bad as we expect it to be.


Marla said...

Cliff, I think yous should be running for office! I don't know what office, but you sound like a politician to me!

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ Bravo buddy! Author! Author! I have a feeling that conservatism is "still alive" in many parts of America! We are all just hiding out until the Perfect Storm is over! May God save our Republic in the mean time! "In God We Trust" has real meaning in these dark days ahead for those of us who get to bail out those who are just sitting around waiting for their checks to roll in "for doing NOTHING!" Socialism has never worked no matter where or when (or how many times) it has been tried. ~ jb///

Cliff said...

thereyago LZ

Granny Annie said...

I have bounced back and forth after reading this post the first time. Certainly I say BRAVO! Look at those of us who feel the same way -- then ask where were we? How did this happen? No one (Liberals or Conservatives) paid attention to the real issues. It's a little late now.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your GREAT BIG virtual trophy is on the way.

Well said Cliff!
I agree with you 100%

JunieRose2005 said...

Ref to Granny Annie's post

We were there - just not enough of us!!
Or not LOUD enough or persuasive enough...or too nice and polite!

As Cliff said - we didn't have a good candidate!
(McCain was too nice - for much too long in this race!)


Jamie Dawn said...

Cliff, I would stand and applaud, but I am all out of gumption.
Since Obama was elected, my gumption meter has been pointed to Empty.
I do not plan to pay my mortgage any more, but that is okay, because help is on the way!!
I will be bailed out. Hooray for bailouts!!!
Viva la Bailouts!!!!!!
I'm guessing they will just print more money to pay for these bailouts. Let the printing begin!!! Show me the money!!!
Obama is so super brilliant. He talks good and he wears cool suits like Cary Grant used to. That makes him qualified, unlike that tramp from Alaska who did nothing but run a city and a state and do some stuff with oil companies.
We are in good hands now. All our troubles are over! Good times are just around the corner because Obama has a plan!!!
As for Supreme Court judges... he will nominate only those with deep feeeelings about stuff. That makes me sleep well. It's about time we had judges who ruled with their hearts instead of basing rulings on the stupid law and outdated Constitution.
Your post was very mean to liberals. Because you wrote this post, you will not be bailed out and your taxes will go up. My taxes will drop like a stone because I am nicer than you.

Cliff said...

Yes JD, you are nicer than me. You always have been. I almost bought a boat in your neck of the woods but I too ran out of gumption. Lucky for you, I probably would have stopped by for some sweetened tea without the sweet.

Maria said...

By now you know you and I do not agree when it comes to politics, but I respect you and I respect your opinion. . . and isn't it a great country where we are both free to express ourselves so openly.

Janell said...

Well said, Cliff. You took the words right out of my keyboard.

And, as LZ says; "In God we trust."

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Cliff - I've read your blog for quite a while. This is the best post I've read anywhere - BRAVO!! Well said and so true.