Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Diary Entry and an Apology

I should apologize for the previous post. Some of the locals at golf league didn't like the last post because they became fearful that cancer had re-invaded my life...at least until they got to the punch line. And found out beets were the culprits. Some in my family didn't see the humor either, at the time. Sorry kids.
The other is the fact that I use this as a diary in case I should ever want to check back on any topic. For instance 'Rainfall' in a certain period. By filling in the little white box in the upper left corner for search this blog, with the word 'rainfall' I'll bring up every blog I ever wrote with the word rainfall in it. This post will be one of them. Up until recently we've been very dry. Then on
June 5th= 1.4" rain
June 7th=.4"
June 8th=1.2"
June 13th=1"
June 14th=1"
June 16th=.40"
June 19th=1.30"
June 20th to 24th while we were in Loveland CO.=2"
8.7 inches mtd for June. We have enough. I've also asked Marilyn to be more specific when she prays for rain.


Shannon said...

Cliff you are too funny. Talley is a family's last name of a huge farming family that runs the largest turkey farms around here. They buy local grain and corn and grind their own feeds for their use and to sell.

EV said...

Hmmm .... Marilyn, again. Is that goose I smell cooking?

Jim said...

We are supposed to get rain like that in the Houston area. Right now it is just sailing on up to the midwest.
Surely we can blame someone for this.

Rachel said...

We've been getting that rain too. Yesterday it was one storm after another. Today it's expected again.

Stop doing the rain dances!

Rocker_MoM said...

we have so much rain I am living on a houseboat..

Shannon said...

Yes, I agree, allot of rain here too. However, after our drought, I will never say "I wish it would stop". It literally didn't rain from May until the next year. Trees are still dying from that summer. Our water table is still not caught up, allot of people don't realize that.

Lanny said...

Mmmm perhaps I won't comment on a complaint about a coupla days a rain.

Jamie Dawn said...

We're in a gosh derned heat wave right now. We had a good rain on Tuesday, but my dad and I were not home to enjoy it. We are hovering around 100 each day with some high humidity to make it really special.


Does Marilyn do rain dances too, also?