Sunday, December 06, 2009


What are the chances that on our farm, we would have the two most worthless dogs in America. Don't get me wrong, they like being dogs. They love being petted, playing, running, barking and they'll sneak a quick lick to your hands right when you least want it.
The problem is that they love to spar with each other. I just finished harvest which included a lot of time watching our auger here at the home place. All of the days I spent watching my grain bins fill, the dogs spent fighting with each other. When one would take off on the run toward a cat, the other dog would take the first dog down from behind and then they would growl and roll in the dirt, take turns getting each other by the neck and then the process would reverse.

They would trade places taking the dominate roll and the other one would end up on top with her mouth on the throat of the one, now on her back on the ground. They would sometimes stand on their back legs and face each other and fight standing up like they might be practicing for Dancing With The Stars.
Very seldom did they get serious enough to actually mean what they were doing. The funny thing is that while they fought, the cats were eating their food and any wild animal that cared to, could have strolled on to the property unnoticed.
The two really don't do a very good job of protecting the farm. But then again, it's our fault. We took them in and failed in any attempt to make them accountable. We got what we deserved.
As you've probably already guessed, I'm talking about our politicians. They seem to love to wrestle and fight and snarl and take turns grabbing their opponents by the throat when they should be talking out the problems related to the latest in legislation.
Just a little bit of give and take would have made the current health care bill palatable to 75 or 80 of our senators and this could have been over with.
Instead, they all want to be the top dog and have it their way. I personally don't think we want our federal government with more involvement in the medical profession. Governments of any size seem to be good at helping citizens with police protection, educating the next generation, and building and maintaining roads.
They go astray when they delve into any social program that requires taking money from one citizen to give to another. The money always seems to disappear before it gets to its target.
I'm guessing Congress could get everybody covered with a bill 50 pages long instead of one that is more than 2,000 pages long. The long version adds more and more layers of bureaucracy. It adds layers upon layers of folks who aren't accountable to anyone, or at least anyone you could find if you needed to.
I think the insurance companies, although partially at fault, shouldn't shoulder all of the blame. The best way for me to explain it is if you traded cars every year since 1950. Ignoring the effect of inflation, you would still need to add more money each of those 60 years because the product got better each year. Then add in inflation and that's how we got there.
Likewise, I don't care to return to a time when aspirin and penicillin are the two things doctors had to offer. I appreciated not being able to remember my operation for cancer because we now have anesthesia. I also am thankful for my insurance company who paid for the $100,000 worth of chemo drugs my doctor tried to kill me with. (At least I thought that at the time.) It all saved my life some 15 years ago.
We're not that far off of our mark. Let's regulate insurance a bit to make it competitive, get serious about tort reform, help those who need help with insurance coverage and then get out. There'll always be time later for rolling around in the dirt and grabbing each other by the throat.


Lucy Stern said...

I think you nailed it Cliff.... Sorry I haven't been around in a while, I've been doing more on Facebook and my blogging seems to have gone by the way side a bit.

I do love onions and use them all the time, same for garlic.

nora said...

Great analogies. And I think my cat would fit right in at your farm.

EV said...

Have you noticed that those that want to direct your health care and manage your finances are busy elsewhere, too. You see, catering to terrorist legal bills and diatribes in NYC, shorting the troops, broadcasting exit dates, hobbling the CIA, and prosecuting Navy Seals over a terrorist masterminds "bloody lip" is all part of the "Setting American Straight" agenda. Stay tuned.

Rachel said...

I agree with you Cliff. I don't know why we can't have sensible people in DC. If you'd run for President you have my vote. Things are such a mess you'd sure have your work cut out for you!

I like your comparisons!!

Cliff said...

Me running wouldn't work. I'm to the right of Sarah and Rush.

Peter said...

Those squabbling dogs need a dose of buckshot in their backsides to teach 'em some manners I reckon.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how you only publish those who agree with you. LOL

Shannon said...

Well said Cliff. I agree 100 percent.

Cliff said...

anonymous: Comment Moderation has always been turned off except on older posts where the spam always goes. I believe everyone with a 'real name' or who can be identified, and an opinion, can be found here.
Generally, those who don't like what I write don't bother reading what I write. Which of course is a good idea.

Paul Nichols said...

I like what you write. And I'm right with you on being more right than Rush and Sarah. Right on. And write on.

Ralph said...

There is a big difference between the dogs and politician. But, there is also a great similarity.
The difference – the dogs were running around having fun and no one was getting hurt.
The similarity is your sentence – “Very seldom did they get serious enough to actually mean what they were doing”

Anonymous said...

the only way we can clean up the health care mess is for government to be totally involved--why can't people realize that???----Just ask the long time workers in hospital business offices--dealing with insurances and increasingly high cost bye doctors, etc

Cliff said...

It takes a giant leap of faith, as well as abandonment of all logic and common sense to think the government can do this without raising taxes on everyone.(I believe it's claimed that we are going to add 30 million people to the number on this new welfare program and that somehow that will save us money) Every social program the government runs is broke and ravaged by corruption.
It would be cheaper and better I might add, to just start giving checks for $1200 a month to everyone to pay for their insurance. At least we wouldn't have the thousands of new bureaucrats to deal with. Wait! Lets just just let everyone retire and live off of the government.
Oh wait,we still need someone to pay for this. But social programs, simply put, BUY VOTES. America has figured that out, so I'm pretty sure we're doomed.
If you promise free ice cream cones to everyone. You will get elected. The problem is that someone needs to worry about who is going to have to pay the bill. The tax-getters have most of the votes...the tax payers get the shaft. There is no way we can afford this without a collapse of our monetary system.

EV said...

And, sadly, will it forever changes our system of government.

Will whatever health care bill is produced by Congress increase the deficit? “Of course.” Will it mean hefty tax increases? “Of course.” Will it mean new fees or fines? “Yes.” Can I afford it right now? “No, I’m already getting clobbered.” Will it make the marketplace freer and better? “No.” Will health care delivery and treatment options improve under government supervision? "No." Is it the most pressing crisis right now? “NO, the economy is and National Security is a grave concern.” Will a health-care bill improve the economy? “I doubt it.”

Shannon said...

Anonymous.... show yourself.

P.S. is 70 degrees here today. I'm just sayin'. ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

These health care bills are fiascoes.
WAY too many words to address the problems that needing fixing.
I can hardly stand the sight of our politicians. Mine here in AR are Mike Ross, Blanche Lincoln, and Mark Pryor. Mike Ross voted against the bill in the House, and I hope he votes against the final monstrosity should it come before the whole Congress for a vote.
I have no earthly idea which way Blanche Lincoln will vote, but I'm thinking she will vote against the vast majority of her constituents like me and vote for this atrocious bill. Mark Pryor is not up for re-election in 2010, so he will tow the party line, I am sure.
I hope you will personally keep Bill Nelson in line.
Funny post, and kind of not so funny too, since it is so true.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!! I am so thankful that you got the medical care you needed fifteen years ago and are now living and breathing and still causing mischief wherever you go.
Happy and Healthy 2010!
God bless you all very much!!!