Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Views From The Porch

The weather outside is frightful, but inside it's nice but I didn't have time to be in there much.
The global warming dropped about 10" on the area last night and then the 50 MPH winds took over.
Marilyn snapped this pic as I was beginning to coax one of my John Deere's into running in this cold weather.

Most of the fields had blown clear and the snow more or less went until it found my place to pull up and rest a while.  Here I'm trying out the snow blower I bought last year.  It's a good idea to stay upwind from this machine. I'm supposed to be in Lincoln at a convention but our roads were plugged.  School will resume one day soon.


Rachel said...

It looks so cold there Cliff!! I see the wind did a nice job of drifting it around the truck. It sure is pretty how it drifts like that.

The snow blower is doing a fine job, but I wouldn't want to be on the other end of all that snow, like you said!

Keep warm and safe!!

EV said...

Thanx for the Global Warming update. It's 27 deg. as I arise in the Southland this AM. Odd isn't it?

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...




Ralph said...

Now that is a snow blower!
Heard a new term on the news this morning - Globe Gate. Evidently someone is hiding/covering up a lot of documents that prove global warming is a hoax. All they had to do was be here for the past week to discover that.

Marc said...

Yup, You want to stay on the clean side of that snow blower. They wouldn't find you until the thaw.

An Annual reminder of why my folks moved us back to Houston in 1949. We dang near starved in Gunnison/Las Animos, CO. Coal/Wood heat is not real economical in a log cabin with lots of air leaks. I remember my folks chinking leaks with wet Newsprint mush from his job as Editor of the paper there.

Our local global warming gave us 1/4" of snow, I guess, because it melted in 30 minutes or so. Houston proper got 3-5", but that melted quickly too. Still this is the earliest it has snowed here in 60+ years. We then got down to 26 or 27 °F the next night. Just cold enough to kill the remaining Rag Weed plants and other tender stuff. In 2004 we had a good snow and freeze on Christmas Eve.

We covered our (small) Banana Grove with old sheets and they all seem to have survived. First year on them, so they may produce next year. If the stalks freeze, you start all over from what is left in the ground.

BTW, thanks for the nice comments on our cabinwood blog.

A Blessed and Merry Christmas from Sally and me to you and your Family.


Peter said...

I like Ralph's comment about "Globe-Gate" its a pity you can't market that blown snow, you could here if you can transport it.
Hope you all have a great Christmas if I don't get back before then.

Granny Annie said...

Lots of cold here but no snow...yet. I only have to go out to feed the cats and the chickens then I rush back to get set for global warming.

Paul Nichols said...

We got only about an inch of the same storm--unless that was from your snow thrower...I mean, blower.
35 degrees here right now. Noon.

Lanny said...

The problem with hoaxes and doom and gloomers is then no one takes anything about the environment seriously. What a bunch of unthinking dough-heads those psuedo-tree huggers are!

Our "little" girls have finally skated on the big pond this year, something their big sisters did all the time years ago, then a few years of no pond skating and then only pond skating on the little ponds, now we've come full circle again and it is cold like it used to be twenty years ago. We have woken to nine degrees all this week!

I've been meaning to pop over here and tell you our orange tractor has been getting little doses of beauty treatments lately and just recently our good friend found a front wheel to replace the one that blew years ago when we first acquired it. (Dirt's is a tricycle model) The guys enjoyed seeing the restoration of your Allis-Chalmers, I think it has inspired them.

Anna just came in and saw your snow blower pics, she was impressed, but funny, she thinks it would be fun to stand under the shower of snow! Different perspective eh?

Thanks again for giving us a dose of Midwest life.

Shannon said...

Wow!! My kids thought that looked like a blast, lol. We only see that much white stuff on the ski slopes coming out of the snow machines.

Jamie Dawn said...

I love that second pic of that snow blower in action. That's neato!
Looks VERY cold. I hate the cold. I am a wimpy woman. We've not had even a flurry, and I left the house yesterday with a hat, two scarves, and gloves on top of wearing warm clothes and a coat. I'm a sissy.
That snow sure does look pretty though. Send some our way on Christmas Day, then take it back for good until next Christmas.

Cliff said...

Lanny, this things moves a serious amount of snow. I wouldn't have the nerve to try and hit someone with it for fear of injury. Besides, It also moves everything you happen to pick up like sod and rocks and gravel. You have to be careful not to point at anything with windows.

Jerry in Indiana said...

I don't think I want to go home for Christmas. Brrrr.

nora said...

That snow throwin' machine looks powerful! Do try to spell your name or make designs with the snow you're throwing?

Cliff said...

Nora, I've long since quit making designs in the snow. It's a pressure thing.

Miki said...

Cliff, that is some snow blower! That would clear my whole neighborhood! Gotta love it!