Monday, March 22, 2010

Belly Up To The Trough

The pigs at the trough, having gained control, have asked for and recieved unlimited slop. 
The fact that the local auctioneer stopped to talk to the farmer, and left with a long list of equipment, seems to have escaped the pigs notice. The poor pigs. Their future looks grim.


EV said...

What has been lost is so vivid, what has been gained so amorphous, blurry and likely illusory. I agree with Marsha Blackburn's observation that, "Freedom died a little bit yesterday." The start of a slow wasting death. That's how Chicago style politics work. Political patronage and dependence on the supreme power - government. This boot on the neck of the middle class was the true agenda.

The average family now pays 51% of their income in local, state and federal tax. Blink and it will be >70%. Add to that the smothering of economic growth. We are reaping what we sowed. Waive goodbye to the great American democratic experiment, a representative republic, to the nuclear family and the middle class. Say hello to European style new world order.

"We the people" clearly provokes belly laughs in DC.

Ralph said...

The problem with pigs is the more they get the more they want as long as it is "free" of course. My fear is - it has just begun.

Shannon said...

Weel said Ralph, well said Cliff. :(

Paul Nichols said...

Hear, hear! I've been wondering why these promises and bribes carry any weight with the spineless 'Ocrats? He spent a year promising stuff if he got elected. Hasn't kept a one of those promises.

I thunk up a new word (well, several, but some are not really printable). "Obamacrats."

Lee said...

Where's John Galt?

EV said...

Yesterday’s bill signing was surreal and reminiscent of the Oscars. The DC luminaries proclaiming their power; “I AM the President” and “I AM the most powerful woman in the world.”, juxtaposed to Bidens “F” bomb, and the many broad smiling, self-congratulations. All this to the tune of the shredding of a Constitutional Democracy.

Meanwhile this multi-megaton health care missile speeds toward challenges, rationing, eugenics, euthanasia, more unemployment and economic collapse accompanied by many fiscally bankrupting government programs …. the post office, social security, medicare, medicaid, green program follies, the bailout …..

Cliff said...

EV, it was, however a clear victory over the people.
They will now, once again ignore the economy and start on immigration to get more voters on the payroll.
I wasn't against illegal immigration before entitlement programs when everyone had to make it on their own. That's how our ancestors got here and succeeded. After socialism took over, everyone comes with a price tag and we can no longer pay the way for everyone. We are running out of people to 'Stick It To.' Sorry: No vacancy.

Rachel said...

This is a sad time for our country and we are slip sliding away. I do not watch much news but yesterday I flipped onto it and caught him signing the bill and he was using 22 (I think it was) pens to be given away. Made me feel nauseated. I immediately switched the channel.

Ralph said...

If it makes you feel any better – I can sign my entire name with one pen, including my middle initial. Twenty-two pens sounds like another form of government waste.

JunieRose2005 said...

I feel in good company here and in agreement with all the comments-and it's a small comfort- sad as our situation is!

On a lighter note, Cliff- please stop by my place to pick up an award I have for you there!
(Yes! an award!!!! :)


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I feel like I'm in good company here Cliff. I like Paul Nichols new word Obamacrats but perhaps leaving out the "c" might be a better description.

Lucy Stern said...

I feel the same too... I hope we haven't gone so far that we can't get our country back.... It's very scary.