Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Mere Miracle--I Think Not

You need to read THIS ARTICLE from our local paper. It's about my sister Mary. You'll likely not forget having read it.
Besides this incredible story, I must say that the journalist who wrote this did a masterful job.  Katie is the gal who sits through all of our county board meetings and reports it to the local paper. She's a friend of mine and talented indeed.


Lanny said...

God is amazing there is no doubt about that! Amazing how all things came together, certainly no coincidence.

Jim said...

Cliff, that is a very nice, well written, article. I am happy for Mary. It is pretty scary having kidney malfunction.
And such a nice gift from Mrs. Lund, she was able to complete the gift her mother had put on hold.

I won't forget this. Also I haven't forgotten that my uncle Jack Corkill donated a kidney to his brother, Jim. Lucy Roth Corkill was their mom, my step-grandmother.
I have a stent now into my left kidney artery. My first check-up for the function will be in a week. I hope my kidneys never fail, I wish nobody's would.

Ralph said...

That is truly an amazing story. And I wish I could write as well as Katie.

Granny Annie said...

Thank you for sharing such a story of gifting in this world hardened to miracles. Your sister and her donor are both richly blessed.

Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for sending me an email about this story. What a marvelous story!!!!!!
I love the part in the article where the little boy says he wants to give BOTH of his kidneys away. His momma has taught him to be a giver, not only through her words, but through her amazing actions.
I am so happy for your sister and for the wonderful inspiration her story has and will have on many people. In the midst of loss, illness, pain, etc... we often forget that God is good and is in control.
Happy Weekend to you, Marilyn and the whole family!

Lucy Stern said...

Wonderful story of love.... This just goes to show you that the Lord has his hand in everything... Thanks for posting this, Cliff....

EV said...

This is an uplifting story on many levels, Cliff. Thank you for sharing and I wish your sister well.

Paul Nichols said...

Thank you for this post, Cliff.

We have a friend whose kidney was almost gone. Her weight went from normal to "pencil-thin" in a great big hurry. Our whole church prayed and cried with her many, many times. One day a new member of our church approached the pastor about donating and...well, both are now doing wonderfully. Incidentally, the man played on the national champion football team in 1988.

We're very happy for your sister. God bless her.

Lee said...

What a powerful, heartwarming, uplifting story, Cliff. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I'm so pleased for Mary...and for you and your families.

Grab hold of each moment and cherish them dearly.

Jerry in Indiana said...

Thanks for sharing this story. I'm so happy for your sis and your family.

Peter said...

Great story Cliff, makes my last post seem a bit insignificant.

Gel said...

Dear Cliffers,
Wow! This made my day, especially after receiving that initial email (accidentally). Fantastic news for your dear sister. You'd better hug her extra for me!

**Also, all you folks out there, PLEASE check off "organ donor" on your license" besides considering offering organs(if you're healthy enough) while you're still alive. After you've passed, your organs, skin, and so much more can give the gift of LIFE to many many people. Google it to find out the amazing amount of people your body can help.