Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Got An Email From Snapfish Today

The computer generated email was an attempt to get me started using their Picture Printing Services. The email said:

Hi Cliff,

A few weeks ago, you uploaded digital photos to Snapfish. You earned a credit for 0 free 4" x 6" digital camera print in your account, but this credit will expire soon.

I became very excited. I need to act quickly. Like the time Ubawahna was promising me that $1 million for helping him hide from his evil relatives.
Life on the farm was never this exciting until I got a computer. Yea! I just might cancel my Directv. Who needs that when you've got the internet.


Jim said...

Oh Cliff, I hope you can hurry so your credit doesn't expire. Someone goofed on programming there it seems. The programmer should have built in a screen for the GIGO bit. Ridiculous to send that message with no credits.

Boston Arthur is a good looking fellow. I remember Clark having red hair, maybe Francis too. Are you hoping that it stay red?

Granny Annie said...

It is rare that I get anything free especially not a zero. You're such a lucky fellow.

Ralph said...

I wouldn't get to upset about not receiving your free 0 digital print. I mean you did get the million dollars, right?

Paul Nichols said...

I was wondering if you told Ubawahna that you'd hide him first--and then let him go when the $1 million showed up. It wouldn't be an illegal ransom since he suggested it first. Would it?

Shannon said...

So funny!

cassie-b said...

O digital camera prints! What a deal.

Peter said...

Don't scoff Cliff, there are a lot of us who don't have a 0 free digital print you know!!!!

EV said...

Snapfish could be a real thing, Cliff. If he catches you dissing 'm after making the effort to reach out .... I'm just saying, watch you back.