Saturday, February 25, 2012

Enough Already

The words, "It's time for ALL Americans to begin paying their fair share" said in the most condescending tone imaginable, is meant to stir the Presidents political base.  It's to inspire those who don't pay any taxes, to keep voting for someone else to pay their fair share.
Recent numbers indicate that we are now up to over 49% of us who pay no federal income tax.
I would prefer that the president would just say it like it is. "I'll make sure that just a few folks will continue paying for everything and the rest of you can sit back, receive, and vote for me."
Then he could say, "I know that tax receipts aren't actually the problem but that spending IS the problem, but cutting entitlements would lose us votes so lets not go there."
One more thing, cutting the Payroll tax was the most ignorant move possible and points out the stupidity of everyone who voted for it. Yes it gave the employee 2% more to add to his paycheck but it took away nearly 14% of the available funding to Social Security, a fund that was already in trouble. Again this was done to buy votes.  Until Americans become educated enough to see through the fog and realize it's the spending, there is little hope.
Timmy 'Turbo Tax' Gietner said "Without more income, we'll be required to make uncomfortable cuts in spending." That proves they know what's right, they just don't have the guts to  do anything about it.
I can't wait for the change. In November. I hope we still have country by then.


Granny Annie said...

Cliff, don't you know that even though we are going to economic hell in a hand basket, the only things that matter are race, religion, abortion, gay marriage, saving the environment, feeding the drug addicts, and drawing unemployment. Those are every politicians dream of lost leaders. How dare you speak of the things that actually doom our existence. Most never understand the numbers so they pick the issues they can argue about.

Debbie said...

You people delight me and I also am eager for November. As I travel around and even just look around my own back yard it's probably a VERY good thing that we have chickens, sheep, rabbits, know how to milk a cow and how to raise a garden. Those skills are fading as fast as the people that know how to work to earn a living.