Thursday, March 08, 2012

Old Pictures With New Captions

It looks like they're saying...
Marilyn: "Ralph, say that again and that'll be the last French you'll ever dip."
 Ralph: "What'd I say."            Me: "Uh...leave me outta this."
What's really going on??... Ralph and I are making beef sandwiches with Au Jus for my Mother In-law's 90th Birthday here in Tekamah.  Ralph and Char, even though unrelated to us, are present for every big family event the Morrow's have which is why they were officially voted into the Morrow Clan at a Morrow Family reunion.
Ralph and I were in charge of the beef sandwiches that day and Ralph had to take over for a while after I tested the knife's sharpness on myself. Turns out the beef was medium rare and I was raw.
Marilyn was just telling Ralph his shirt was out of focus. Or something like that.
OR, write your own caption.


Lanny said...

You are lucky people indeed, having such close friends. We have a special category for ours, "framily". But some of our family is in that category as well. Friends that are like family and family that are like friends.

Debbie said...

I love family & friends that are family. We have a lot of those! Some friends are actually closer than family. It looks like to me she's saying, "Put the buns back. No more 'tasting' the sandwiches."
Where are the Oreos? Probably on the dessert table? :)

Ralph said...

I don't know who took that picture. And I don't remember what we were talking about. But we both have expressions like we got caught with our hand in the cookie jar.
I do remember when you tested the sharpness of the knife - it's nice to know we can still move pretty good to clean up the evidence.

Ralph said...

Oh yeah, BTW, you forgot to mention in your post that you and Marilyn do the same for us.

Jim said...

Marilyn: Cliff, you'd better be watching what doing instead of the camera. Next thing we know you'll cut your finger.
Ralph: I can see the blood drippng already.
Cliff: Don't want to change the subject but Jack and Linda were at Jim's house today. I sure wish I'd a' stopped there when we went right by on the Interstate.
Marilyn: Cliff, watch what you're doing or you'll cut your finger.
Ralph: Yeah, Cliff, and I'll have to do the cutting.


GREAT friends. GOOD food. Who could ask for anything more.

Granny Annie said...

"Let me tell you where you can put that bun!"

Marty Morrow said...

"thanks for volunteering Cliff and Ralph. They did tell you it's no meat Friday right?"

Peter said...

I'm surprised you are allowed near sharp objects Cliff.