Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dishwasher Test

I can now tell you with certainty that not every plate, glass, dish, knife, fork, spoon, paring knife, salad bowl and coffee cup can fit in our diswasher. We tried. I had to run the diswasher to have a salad fork to roll link sausage around in the frying pan and to eat with.
All the stuff will however all fit in the dishwasher and one side of the sink.
I think the next step might be paper plates and bowls and sporks from KFC.
Just last week Marilyn agreed with me that we're too old to be living by ourselves.


Donna said...

My world, and welcome to it.


DITTO, us too.

Granny Annie said...

If you are careful and quick you can push the sausage around in the skillet with your fingers. Plus you can eat it with your fingers. I thought you could relate to how the cavemen did things.

EV said...

Granny ' may be on to something!

Rachel said...

Granny Annie has the right idea! Sounds like she's had practice!
I don't like the sporks from KFC. They don't fit the bill for a fork or a spoon either one. Just slightly better than fingers I guess.

Jim said...

I am still laughing, Cliff! LOL
And smiling too! :)
Be sure to let the sausage cool before swishing it around with your finger.

Mrs. Jim talks of the time when we can't live by ourselves also. Or at least be closer to town and have a smaller place to clean. She still does the dishes good though. I don't do those although I will unload the dishwasher now and then.

Ralph said...

We went to paper plates and bowls a long time ago - still end up with a ton of dishes. I've cooked link sausages with a spoon. I can be done if you want them bad enough.

gel said...

Oh my Cliffers. This is a hoot of a story. "too old to live by yourselves."

We're also empty nest and put that dishwasher to its test. However, for us, it's one of the few appliances that work in our kitchen.

Our oldest daughter came for a visit. She's a vegetarian now, so besides running the food by her to have stocked in the working fridge, we had had to tell her that the oven and freezer were broken. She made do with cooking stuff on the stove top, the only working part of our oven.

Our youngest kid came for a visit at a different time than the older one. She is now proud of her cooking expertise, but had bought food for herself before coming home and exclaimed "That's another change; you guys didn't tell me the oven was broken." I said, "that's no change. It's been broken for 2 yrs. Your dad and I use the microwave or stovetop."

I told her she needed to visit the next week. Our toaster oven had died several months before and we had ordered a new one. Funny thing is, the new one came on the last day of our youngest child's visit.

Debbie said...

What's going on with the washing machine and dryer?

Lanny said...

Oh man, I am so glad that Dirt, Bet and I are not the only ones that have other things to do than the dishes.

cassie-b - carol scott said...

Our dishwasher holds a lot, but we run out of silverware first. I don't know why. Good luck with your kitchen problem.

Peter said...

Over a period???? of time I have bought 2 extra sets of dishes and an extra set of cutlery but when they are all used up I just knuckle down and wash them... You don't hear me complaining.... Mind you you might if you lived closer!!!!