Sunday, July 01, 2012


We had been hauling irrigation pipe. My crew consisted of 2 big strong lads. One 13 and one 14 years of age.
These two are very talkative fellows and can find stuff to talk about even when there is nothing to talk about.
I was standing in the kitchen while they sat in our dinette taking a break. When I finally tuned in I heard my grandson say "You know the Lucky Charms cereal?" His buddy affirms, "uh-huh."
He continued, "Well you know how they have those marshmallows and that other stuff like Cheerios?"
His buddy replied in a very soft voice, "Yeah, they need to get rid of that other stuff."
Marketing analysts in the making I'd say.


Granny Annie said...

That should solve any breakfast problems for them. Just give them bowls of mini marshmallows! Eavesdropping is so much fun.


Marketing analysts, for sure. Lucky Charms used to be my daughter's favorite cereal. The marshmallows are CLASSIC.

Lanny said...

And better marshmallows.

Jim said...

Mrs. Jim and I are still smiling, Cliff. :)

Munir said...

I still love Lucky Charms and I am a grandma. I have to eat Cheerios though for my heart. Darn old age.