Saturday, July 14, 2012

We Need Rain!

And also cooler temps. This is gettng extreme.
It's so dry here that we in the Baptist church have begun using just a wet washcloth for Baptisms.


Lanny said...

That's funny! Sorry you have no rain, we are getting some spritzing, not enough to water the Market Garden (that doesn't really need it) but it could be enough to mess with haying. We still have so much water from our wet two years that the Catholics here have gone to full immersion for the whole congregation when one baby gets baptized.

Okay now you know who can't tell a joke.

Granny Annie said...

We Methodists who sprinkle have resorted to the preacher's just spitting on heads:)

Lee said...

Stay cool, Cliff.

The rain has cleared away here today...I sent it up your way! It should arrive there within a few days!


Everything is parched, that's for sure. We got a little RAIN on Saturday. But not much, I can tell you that. Hoping the skies open up for those who need it, soon. Thought the comment about the, wet washcloths for Baptisms, was funny. But sadly, maybe it's come to that. take care.

Jim said...

I hurt too for the needed water up there. It's really hard on the 'dry farmers.'

If I could I would send you some of this Houston stuff. We've had a wet front that draws moisture from the Gulf and drops it making for a lOT of rain.

Best I can offer is the use of our Baptismal.