Friday, November 09, 2012


I watched Harry Reid interviewed today. He seems to think that the President was re-elected with his electorate knowing and expecting that he was going to raise tax revenues by sucking even more money out of the private sector to fund and perpetuate his plan.
Evidence that his plan is working is that welfare is up 32% and food stamp use is up 77% over the last four years and has Eric Holder picking and choosing which laws to prosecute and which to totally ignore depending on how it effects undocumented voters, does anyone really believe that his electorate voted for him for his fiscal policies. AND he has successfully demonized the people who have willingly paid the taxes to fund this. They should be patted on the back instead of demonized.
The reason he was re-elected is: It's the free stuff  and his shameless disregard for the law.
It's time for some grown ups to take charge of the thinking in D.C. and stop the spending. Or at least make the recipients of the hand outs write a thank you note to an anonymous tax payer before they can get the money. And before you say it, I'd be for stopping the farm program all together. All of it. Even the biggest part. That would be the food stamp program. It's time for everyone to do their fair share. Let's see, where have I heard that before.
My answer to all of this is: Go back to 2008 spending levels on everything. Get rid of all new spending and departments and czars that went into effect after that and then each year cut every budget item by 10% until the debt is gone.
It can't happen because you can't buy votes if fiscal responsibility is your aim.


Jim said...
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Jim said...

say that too, Cliff, go back to to the 2008 spending levels

But, ... go back to the 2008 level population. Revert to the old technology, medical advances, and all of that that has been bought on crdedit.

Then raise taxes until we get all this stuff paid for and then only levy as much tax as we really need. Oh, we might put a little National Savings aside instead of our debt.

The Bush plan that we will follow will do what we both recommend except deport people. Tax cuts will go away and revert back to previous levels while spending will be cut 10% across the board, military, entittlements, etc.

I shouldn't worry as we are a part of 47% that doesn't pay taxes as long as we can itemize medical insurance, prescriptions, property taxes, church tithes and deductions, senior dedtuctions, etc. Take that away and we would have to start paying again.

I do resent being called a 'dead beat' that doesn't pay. If Texas would have payed school teachers and employees a little more we could be paying income taxes.
But we do pay other taxes as every living being does if he/she lives in a house, eats, or spends money.

Sorry to be so bad as a first commenter.

Cliff said...

Jim, You've been listening to the Demo talking points given to the mainstreamers by the administration. I heard what he said and it was 47% of Americans are getting almost everything free and there is no use going after their vote. They're going to vote for their cash cow. (AND THEY DID.) We need to concentrate on the rest.
The Dems twisted it over and over and over again to suit their need to demonize Romney and destroy him.
Cognitive thinking is not the strong suit of the bulk of that party and they'll never solve the economic problems because of their need to keep the class warfare going. They should be holding the big taxpayers up as great Americans but but instead they're evil. The thinking is Convoluted at best.

Granny Annie said...

Your first sentence stymied me. "I watched Harry Reid interviewed today." I cannot watch the man or listen to the man. I have a heart condition you know.

Cliff said...

Yes GA, he's a whiny little weasel of a boy.

Lanny said...

Abolish stuff? Here's my short list. Mandatory education. The mandatory part. Education - grade and high school, not preschool or college - should be offered to the public. Remove the mandatory part (which, in case we haven't noticed, this whole "make" people get educated experiment isn't working) so the schools could kick a naughty student out and students wouldn't have to go if they didn't want to. Since we have to have cops in the schools now to keep teachers and other students safe, having those cops, and a few more, out on the streets knockin' heads wouldn't cost any more than it already does. Then schools could stop trying to entertain the resistant to education and just get on with actually educating the rest.

Dirt teaches college, supposedly his students want to be there. He would appreciate 100% of them doing so 100% of the time. At least he is allowed to tell some of his students to quit wasting someone's money and go home. Too bad all teachers can't have the freedom to teach real students.

2008 spending? We can do far better than that if we all really took responsibity for what we ask for. Whose gonna go first and refuse what they don't really need? Assistance isn't a bad thing, until you're not really sure who you are assisting and paperwork applications are the vehicle of knowing. Assistance should be "doled out" by conscripted volunteers at the local level, really local level. The school buildings, they wouldn't be as full anymore and already sit empty but warm for the better part of the day, could be the center of opperation. Conscripted volunteers show up to meet and decide on local budget matters, review applications, interview recipients and go out for frequent home visits to applicants and recipients. Recipients would have to take mandatory classes on nutrition and life management skills, taught by qualifying conscripted volunteers. Oh, and recipients have to undergo drug testing, if they show up positive, rehab, or no more assistance.

Time on the tractor is noisy.

EV said...

First rub raw the sores of discontent. Second, personify that discontent - someone to blame, to hate. Preach class warfare. Ignore the Constitution. Run up the debt and at the same time explosively expand a "beneficent" government. That's what "organizers" do. Well, schooled "organizers" mentored by those such as Saul Alinsky. Those are the tools of Marxism. They have taken hold.

Debbie said...

It seems I can not afford to pay attention must less a tax increase. On the other hand we CANNOT afford to ignore all of this either. I am flabbergasted at the belief gullability of our nation.