Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Hands Where I Can See Them Ladies!"

One of my sons just called to say he'd gone to a gun show in Lincoln this morning with his two young sons in tow. The facility is a sprawling event center out on the edge of town capable of hosting two or more big events.
Today they had the gun show and the other show was a giant craft bazaar.
He said the State Patrol had a presence there, but not at the gun show, it was for the craft show.
The boys have friends who are policemen who have told them that on a traffic stop, they know before approaching the vehicle whether or not the owner has a concealed carry permit. The policemen also say they don't mind those stops. The well trained nature of concealed carry permit holders means they know and follow the rules. They know the first words out of the mouths of the drivers will be, "Officer, I have a gun in the car."
It's not concealed carry permit holders or the gunshow attendees the cops are worried about. There are no amount of laws that will affect the people they are worried about, those people don't follow the rules or the new laws sent down from Washington.
By the way, I'm fat, so I want all forks and spoons banned.


Granny Annie said...

Clear and concise and makes perfect sense but some people just refuse to get it.

Granny Annie said...

Yes, and some of these fancy dinner parties have so many eating utensils in the place setting that they are definitely massacres waiting to happen.

Lee said...

I can't and I won't comment on US gun laws...I feel it's not my place to do so. I plead the Fifth!! ;)