Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Now I'm Worried

We've been going through some old family photos and found this picture of Marilyn and Santa. I have now ordered DNA Testing on my 3 kids. might have been the year Santa brought that new Crosby Prix de Nations english flat saddle to her as a gift.


Ralph said...

Either way - that is no peck on the cheek.

Jim said...

Hi Cliff ~~ I'm opting for the second choice here. Must have been a good corn year.

Thank you for the heads up and greeting. I hope your Christmas was merry and that you had a happy New Year too. I like the looks of your new kennel building. You might consider applying there for a job.

We are using a 'free' Internet under a white tent this morning in Port Chalmers, New Zealand.

Granny Annie said...

Happy New Year! DNA testing would be in order for sure! LOL

Rachel said...

Oh Wow! I think a new saddle is worthy of kissing Santa!

Love the new kennel building. It is going to be big and nice!!

Happy New Year Cliff!!!

Lee said...

Oh! Dear! I think the horse has already bolted, Cliff!!!