Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Time For A Progress Report On The Kennel

 To avoid the frustration of making the pictures go where I want them, I hereby accept the order in which they fell. SO....we'll start in the back of the building. This is the kennel area. This indoor area has forced air AC and Heat, and zoned by itself. The cement slopes to the wall where there are several drains. This allows for more efficient sanitation with our pressure washer. The dogs can go out the doors to the area below. Okay the next pic isn't what I thought. The outside picture is the last picture.
 This is part of the 'wash' and 'blow dry' room. There are 4 heavy duty electrical circuits on the far wall for big dryers.
 This is the reception and grooming room. The front door is just out of sight on the left. All of the tile was installed by my sons. It is completely flat and the lines are laser straight. It would seem to me that if you are talented in auto body repair, it also qualifies you to do almost anything that requires artistic talent and a high level of craftsmanship. Many parts of the trades industries are like that.
This is going back again to the back of the building. This is the 'outside' area of the kennel. This too, slopes to the wall for cleaning. There are 5 big garage doors surrounding this inner building and they can be operated by remote control from our house. They will be open in nice weather and closed in bad. This area has two hanging heaters to keep it warm in the winter to aide sanitation and keep snow at bay during snow storms.


Granny Annie said...

It is coming together so nicely. Wow it is going to be wonderful and we wish we had a place like that to take Slim. I think that is a person in the first picture but first I though it was a cardboard cut out for shooting practice.


Looks like it's put together real well. Going to be very nice when completed.

Lee said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Not Bow! Wow! Wow! Woof!

They're looking terrific, Cliff!

It's a huge job, but finally drawing to a close! How exciting for you.

EV said...

Amazing. Clearly, this whole project was well thought out. And kudos on the workmanship. It's really nice, guys!

Ralph said...

Won't be long now. When's the grand opening?

Jim said...

Nice job, Cliff!!! I am sure that the ladies will be pleased. It will take a lot of Air (A/C) to keep that cool in a hot Nebraska summer.

I did not see the place for your 'Man Cave.' There still is one, huh? (Oh sure, like there always was one.)

Gette said...

Great pictures. Congrats and good luck on your new/improved venture!

Are you expecting to flood again this year? We've pretty much wiped out the drought hereabouts. Rivers are high but not "disaster" level here. Fargo could get walloped again.