Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Youngest Grandchild

 She always comes right to Grandpa to be picked up but this look on her face is pretty typical. I believe she looks at me like a grown-up would a train wreck. She's thinking, "Man, this is wierd."
This was Christmas morning. She's showing us some of her take from her stocking. The coincidence here is that it's a Pez dispenser just like the ones her Mom collects. Such a fortuitous gift.



What a sweetheart. Too cute for words.

Lanny said...

I know that look. Right now I am sitting with my girl who used to give everyone that look twenty years ago. She doesn't give that look to anyone anymore.

Your girl is certainly a sweetie.

Lee said...

She's a little sweetie. You'd love to know what's going in in their mind! From her look in that first photo, I think it's better we don't! ;)

A beautiful little girl. :)

Jim said...

She's special to you, Cliff! Soooo cute.

EV said...

What a precious blessing!