Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We've Kind Of Moved Into Our New Kennel

                                 This is the east side of the bathing and blow dry room.
 Marilyn grooming. The cabinets are still under construction. The window to the rear opens into the kitchen/break room.
 When the dogs come outside, they are here. There are 5 overhead garage doors here that can be opened to make it pretty much outdoors. The floor drains toward the the inside wall where there are several drains.
This is the inside part of the boarding area. 30 cages in all. The floor here also slopes to the walls and the drains. When we get done, we'll give you a full tour.



Looks like a real nice place.

Lanny said...

What a project! And almost all done, that is exciting. How many employees? When is the official opening and what services will be offered? Not that I'm going to be coming over with my dogs, a bit of a drive, just wildly curious about it all.

Lee said...

Wow! Well done, you two! What a great feeling of achievement it must be. :)

Ralph said...

That is really nice. Not sure how Marilyn feels about it but I like the fact it is well lite in the grooming area and seems to have plenty of natural light.
Good job.

Jim said...

It looks usable now. You will be able to supervise her work better now that she is close by.

Granny Annie said...

It looks wonderful. I cannot wait for the whole tour.

EV said...

Awesome project. The forethought and attention to details paid off. And we all had the fun of watching it all come together. A really great job guys.

Gette said...

My comment seems to have been eaten by google!
The kennel looks great! Congrats to Marilyn on her new/improved venture.

Are you expecting to flood again this year? The water's high hereabouts.

Peter said...

I wanna come back as a dog who lives here.