Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Time...And The Livi.....

Champion Grandaughter, with her Champion Dog. Bailey doesn't no what to do when Casey goes into another room.

Leftover pic from corn day. Training starts early in these parts.

Children of the corn.



GREAT family photos. LOVE the captions.

Lee said...

A bit corny, Cliff!!!!

Love the pics; and glad to see that you all are fit, well and happy. :)

Granny Annie said...

We know you all belong to the land. Some of you belong to the dogs too:)

Jim said...

Those nice corn children are a part of the corn farmer's nice family.

Casey should win a ribbon. He is good looking also and has excellent grooming.

Cliff, I have talked about going to a cool place for the summer but never though I could be gone that long. We left July 4th and will return later this week.
I did't forget where we live because I have to go back and hassle to get our e-Mail going again. They changed things while we were gone.
Neither of us have played even one round of golf while since we left either.